What is 1×2 Bet: A Complete Guide to 1×2 Betting in 2021

definitive guide to 1x2 betting

Do you often wonder what 1×2 betting means?

Football markets are many and can be diverse depending on your preferred bookmakers.

However, you have to be knowledgeable in the type of market you want to stake your money upon.

The 1×2 market can be acknowledged to be the most popular market among bookies in the gambling world, not because it is the easiest to make money, but because it is very easy to learn.

This article aims to beams the searchlight on what exactly 1×2 market means, its merits and demerits and how you can make enough profit from the market.

What is 1×2 Betting?

One of the many great aspects of 1×2 football betting is that is very easy to learn. Even a novice online gambler can pick up this betting market quickly. Let us explain what the market itself stands for:

  • 1- stands for home to win the match
  • x- stands for the match to end in a draw
  • 2- stands for the away team to win the match

Let’s say Chelsea is playing against Liverpool at the Stamford Bridge, ‘1’ means Chelsea will win the match at home ‘X’ means the match will end in a stalemate while ‘2’ means that Liverpool will wallop the blues at the bridge. Like most bet types this match is determined by what they play during 90 minutes and added time, Extra time does not count for you to win this bet. Therefore if you staked on Chelsea to win, if the match is 1-1 after 90 minutes plus added time and it goes into Extra time, the bet is lost.

What Are The Merits of 1X2 Bet Type

  1. The main advantages of playing this bet type are that there are no technicalities and it is very easy to learn and play. All you need to know is that a small team is playing with a big team (e,g Barcelona against Huesca), the probability that Barcelona will beat Huesca at home is very high.
  2. This bet type is offered by virtually all bookmakers around the world, and 90% of sports have it. Be it basketball, hockey, horse race or soccer, you can always play 1×2 markets.
  3. The odds attached to this market are very predictable and this market can be played as singles
  4. This bet type is very easy to forecast

What Are The Demerits of 1×2 Bet Type

  1. This bet type can be very risky because in life nothing is certain. A typical example is when Real Sociedad defeated Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, the odds must bookmakers gave Real Madrid was 1.20 while Sociedad was given 15 odds who would have thought that that result will happen.
  2. Odds attached to this bet type although predictable, but can be very small and discouraging especially when staking on big teams to defeat weaker ones. Whenever Manchester city plays the lower teams in the league let’s say, Cardiff or Brighton, the odds is usually 1.10 to 1.15, what gain will you make from that measly odd?. Therefore most people are put off by the odds attached to it.
  3. 1X2 bet types is a deceptive market type. Let me explain. For instance, if you play 5 x(draws) in a ticket as multiples, you will make a huge profit if the ticket greens , because draw odds are very high, however, except you have an idea of fixed games ,how will you be able to predict 5 straight draws and be successful, the probability of such ticket coming to fruitfulness is low.

How do you determine when to play 1×2 bet types?

We will start with how to play 1(home win):

You have to be very careful when playing a home team to win straight, this is because even though a team is at home soil, some teams are actually not at their best when playing in front of their fans. Some also have issues with the bad pitch at their stadium and other factors like bans given to fans to home matches and weather conditions. Whichever the case, you have to study if some of these factors are affecting the team you wish to carry to win at home straight.

Moreover, some leagues have very good home team winning records and away win occurs a few times. Some of these leagues are The Iraq league, the Nigerian league, Albanian league, and some African leagues. It will do you no good to play away teams to win in these league no matter the team that is playing except you want to lose money. Therefore it is advisable to play the above league teams to win 90% of their home matches.

Also note that there are certain teams that their homes are like a fortress which can rarely be broken, some of these teams include TNS of wales, Young boys of Switzerland, Juventus of Italy, PSG of France and Al Ahly of Egypt. These teams have an 80% winning ratio at their home turf in their league matches.

Furthermore, consider the opposition teams are playing before you play a team to win straight at home, Even when PSG is playing at home to Barcelona in the champions league, will it be in your best interest to play PSG straight win?…NO!!!

How do you know when to play X (draw)

Playing a straight draw is very profitable to buy a highly risky game. Just playing two or three draws with a little as 10 dollars can yield much, this is because draw odds are very huge, ranging from 2.95 to 7.00 odds, do you know how much you will make if you combo three 7 odds together, that is a lot!! However, caution must be your watchword when playing draws, consider the following:

  1. Leagues: Some leagues are masters of the draw, meaning that if there are ten matches in a week, at least five will be drawn, some of such leagues include South American leagues and some lower divisions in England. You will have to forecast properly to know the exact team that will be playing draws and hope your guess is right.
  2. Form: Checking the league’s form and past games will let you determine if a particular team will play a draw or not. Also, past meeting among two teams can be a pointer to how a match can end.
  3. Strategy and team tactics: Some teams plan ahead to play draw especially when they play against a stronger team. A typical example is an Inter Milan team under Jose Felix Mourinho who went on record of drawing 15 matches in the league. The coach is known for his conservative strategy especially when he comes against attacking teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. These are some of the things you should consider.

Picking draws is not usually advisable, but whenever you choose the bet type, don’t pick more than 5 draws at most!

How to know when to play 2 (away win)

Playing away team to win on a match day usually comes with big odds, this is because it is assumed that winning away games are usually difficult than home games. To play away team to win, consider the following:

Opposition: which type of opposition is your preferred away team facing?.is it an attacking side or defensive side? Are the strugglers in the league or an above average team?, Do they have injury issues at their defense or suspensions to their best players? Knowing the answers to these questions will guide you to know if you should play your preferred away team to win straight or not.

  1. Competitions: Winning away in European competitions is very difficult, particularly if it is the knock out stage, most teams make sure that they have put on their best performance on their home soil than away; therefore you have to be cautious of playing away matches in competitions like European games or the CAF champions’ league. If you ask me, don’t stake high on those competitions on away to win a match.
  2. What is at stake? This is a very important question to ask when betting on away teams to win not considering the opposition. Even if Manchester city is playing Huddersfield, are they relegation-threatened? If they (Huddersfield) are fighting for survival and Manchester city is fighting to win the league who has more to lose?. Why must you even stake on such a match where you know it will be very difficult?. Stay away from matches that the stakes are high like the scenario I presented above. Upsets happen and they happen more when a relatively weaker team is relegation bound.

Which bookmaker offers the best odds for 1X2 bet type?

There are various bookmakers who offer the best and reliable odds for a 1×2 bet type, however, it is advisable to stake on this option early on because bookies reduce the odds when the matches draw nearer and some team suffers suspensions and injuries. Some reliable bookmakers who offer this market type are:1xbet.com, Williamshill, bet365, supabets, betfarm, betfair, and sportybets. The odds offered by these bookies on this type of bet are similar to one another and stable to a large extent.

Finally,1×2 bet type is available to interested stakers and punters alike both online and in shops/outlets, however your ability to be prudent, and hardworking will determine if you will make enough profit with this bet type or not.

If you are a huge staker, it is advisable you stake this bet type only as singles, using them as multiples although brings more money but is highly dangerous, stake high on singles and be contented.