The Rise of Kabaddi Sport and Pro Kabaddi League

Modern Indians have it good as sports lovers. They have a wide selection of delicious athletic events on their TVs and streaming platforms. There is cricket from around the world, football from all the major European leagues, and various forms of combat sports, tennis, badminton, and squash. And starting this week, fans in India may once again enjoy a native delicacy: the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL).

According to legend, Kabaddi has been played for four thousand years. One of the earliest organized sports still played today is also one of the simplest. Since neither a ball nor any special gear is required, all that is needed is a flat area of land. Two groups of seven share this evenly. Each player will have the opportunity to send a “raider” into enemy territory. Once there, the raider must avoid capture while attempting to tag as many enemies as possible, touch a line deep within their turf, and then return home.

Reasons Why Pro Kabaddi League Is Getting More Famous Today

India has always been a nation that places a premium on athletics. Kabaddi, a popular sport in India, is widely supported and adored by the population. 

Plenty of artifacts indicate that people played this game thousands of years ago. Evidence implies that ancient kings used kabaddi to display their authority and might.

Kabaddi has attained its pinnacle if we’re talking about it now. There is simply no comparison when comparing Kabaddi’s current popularity to that of Cricket. The Pro Kabaddi League deserves all the credit for its meteoric rise in popularity since it has completely altered how Indian spectators view the sport.

When the Pakistan Super League (PKL) first began, kabaddi was seen as a sport played only in the countryside. However, this perception is starting to change due to its recent meteoric popularity. 

Since its inception in 2014, the Pro Kabaddi League has ushered in a new era for the sport, which is now followed and admired globally. However, its notoriety isn’t limited to television audiences; the online sports betting industry also takes note. Kabaddi has several betting sites, like, dedicated to the sport. One of the main reasons for kabaddi’s worldwide success is the proliferation of such online resources. Even non-Americans tune in these days to witness the action and make some wagers on the outcome of this wonderful sport.

Everyone knows that PKL is responsible for making Kabaddi so well-known. To what do you attribute the Pro Kabaddi League’s phenomenal success? 

Fusion with Modernity

Although kabaddi has been around for a long time and is considered an old Indian sport, Pro kabaddi introduced a modern twist to the game. Certain norms were modified, and some methods were improved. All of this added greater excitement to the game for the fans.

The Influence of Bollywood

Sports and Bollywood are the two things that the people of India care about most. This was part of the formula that helped start the Pro Kabaddi League. Bollywood actors who starred in multiple films owned multiple franchises. People in attendance appreciated the gesture and had a great time seeing their favorite Bollywood stars at the kabaddi match.

Brand Marketing

Kabaddi’s most well-known names act as brand ambassadors for many well-known companies. It’s always exciting when fans see their favorite athletes supporting products they use and enjoy.


The PKL players are a big part of the league’s success. Some fans attend games solely to see their favorite players in action. Pardeep Narwal, Rahul Chaudhari, and Nitesh Kumar are some of the most well-known names in Kabaddi.

It Can Be A Career Option

It’s also a big reason why the Pro Kabaddi League has expanded so rapidly. Many youths who participated in this competition now consider professional careers in this local sport.

Audience Size and Broadcasting

A staggering 435 million people watched PKL’s inaugural season in 2014, while 86.4 million people in India alone tuned in for the tournament’s final. These numbers are accurate; there is no room for doubt. 

Star Sports did a phenomenal job of promoting Kabaddi from the get-go, elevating the sport’s quality and profile in its first season through a combination of broadcasting the games and other promotional efforts (such as short videos, typical laser shows, and the glorification of the physical appearances of Kabaddi superstars).

This sport’s meteoric ascent, both in India and beyond, has been nothing short of flawless. After the terrible pandemic years, the 8th and the most exciting season begins on December 22. Make sure you tune in to watch the highs and lows of great sports, no matter where you are.

This competition is being played for the first time without spectators. No one will be rooting for their team this year. Even the players will be able to let off steam. In this season, they won’t have the backing of their fans.

All of these things contributed to the unbelievable development of the game. In terms of spectators and money made, the sport has unquestionably surpassed football. Additionally, it is only a few centimeters away from cricket, so we have faith that this gap, too, will be uncovered fast.

What the Kabaddi League Did to Make Indians Even More Fond of the Sport

India is more than just its exotic cuisine, vibrant festivals, and dazzling cinematic productions. This issue also pertains to the need for inclusive sporting environments.

India’s first professional kabaddi competition, the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), debuted in 2014. Star Sports is the first broadcaster and sponsor of the event. After receiving sponsorship from Vivo in 2017, the league rebranded as the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League. This league was conceived after the kabaddi competition at the 2006 Asian Games provided some much-needed motivation.

There had never been a tournament of the scale of PKL until 2014. It surpassed the 2014 Indian Premier League (IPL) viewership, drawing 435 million spectators to the spectacle. Eight clubs participated in its debut season. However, that number increased by four between 2017-18 and 2018-19. The tournament’s rules have to be altered because of this.

Next to cricket and football, kabaddi is India’s most popular spectator sport. All of India now has a deeper appreciation for kabaddi thanks to the success of the Pro Kabaddi League. There has been a daily and annual rise in the game’s audience. The 2015 year also saw a rise in online viewership. The second season had a surge of 18.5 times, from 7 lahks to 1.3 crores, in total unique visitors compared to the first season in 2014.


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