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Do you know the top football blogs to follow in 2021?

All over the globe, in all four corners of the world, irrespective of social status and gender, there are many hearts that beat with love for everything sports especially football.

Many are excited about the prospect of having all the information they need on the go but so many do not know where to look for such information.

This list is compiled for this reason.

To get our final list, we went through over 1000 football blogs and based on the following criteria

# Number of posts published per month

# How active their Twitter platform is

# Alexa ranking

# Organic traffic

# Betensured Algoranking factor

We were able to get the top 100 football blogs every football fan should follow.

This list has been compiled to ensure ease and speed in having access to all the information needed, as far as sport is concerned.

Dig in and start enjoying!

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The Ultimate List of the Best Football Blogs Worldwide

#1 Outside of the Boot

OOTB is a website built on a budding passion and a somewhat healthy obsession on the 15th of August, 2012. OOTB offers its readers a tactical analysis of the big games; not missing a season coupled with detailed scout reports on the best emerging talents of world football. They keep their readers going back for more by whetting their appetites with interviews of experts.

#2 Footballtarget

Created by ex-football players, FT is a platform for bringing passion to life. It keeps tabs especially on the big leagues like England’s Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup amongst others. Its articles cover news, previews, recaps, highlights, videos, and funny football stuff.


This Sports blog was birthed in an Italian kitchen by friends who had two things in common; slinging pasta and a passion for sports. From the history of the NFL to the current fantasy leader in reception in a PR league, Sports Al Dente has got all juicy details covered- as far as sports is concerned.


90Soccer is a soccer blog that has rich content and has won multiple awards. With a Twitter followership of over 2300 fans, it is no wonder it is regarded as one of the top football blogs to follow. If you are passionate about football and want to keep up to date with the latest sports news and much more, then take a trip to the site to find out.


This football blog was found in March 2009 by a Chelsea die-hard fan who had committed over 30 years and more hours than that watching them play. He has seen his fair share of players, managers, and matches and still remains a Chelsea fan. The blog has come to stay for all Chelsea fans.


Created in 2009, ADL aims at delivering football news, opinions, and commentaries about the English Premier League and other European leagues. It has a forum for questions and answers and it is daily updated by Editor Van Gerechten


From MLB to NFL to NBA, not leaving NHL out of the picture, Hold Out Sports blog has got all the juicy details on everything sports, what’s more, they keep their fans riveted to the screen by using engaging headlines that will pique their curiosity and get them coming back for more.


The Kop Times prides itself as a soccer blog created by fans for the fans. With over 50 writers, there is a wealth of information about the game of football that can be found on the site. This site offers the latest in football transfer news, ramble of the day, and more.


Simplistic design, world-class football news, and analysis!
That is exactly what EPL Focus is all about. On the site, you will find interesting articles, analyses, and transfer news updates for your favorite clubs. And if you are an aspiring writer, you can make your voice heard as the site encourages budding fans to also write for them

Footballsaga offers the best and latest football transfer news, FIFA announcements, and footie fan’s reactions.


With more than 2.4 million unique visits per month, WST stands out as the independent voice for soccer fans since 205 when it was established, it delivers a steady stream of articles on soccer news, video features, analysis, and interviews and it dabbles in exclusive stories as well. It also features the World Soccer Talk Podcast which happens to be the longest-running soccer show in the world. It was named as one of the top 100 soccer blogs to follow by the Guardian Newspapers.


As the name suggested, FFC is dedicated to providing Fantasy Premier League Tips for the 2018/19 season from the FPL Community around the world. The site has won numerous awards for the great job it is doing and is worth reading if you are interested in fantasy football and the premier league in general


Founded by Gerry Wittman, a native of St. Louis in 2010, Bundesliga Fanatic was created with the purpose of giving exposure to what he terms as the best league in the world, it offers its readers compelling football content written and contributed by writers from all over the globe and its committed to publishing the best English-language content regarding Bundesliga and the wider world of German football.


WSA was established by Iain Anderson in July 2015 and was kick-started as a website covering a range of topics but it soon panned down to the most discussed and reviewed topic; Football. Since then, it’s been all about football; from the Premier League to International Breaks, not excluding the ongoing World Cup. WSA prides itself on Quality before Quantity and that’s why it releases one quality article per day which stays informative and entertaining.


Created and maintained by the then UK-based student Andy Macfarlane, the La Liga blog was founded in March 2011, it features La Liga history, updated news, information about the Spanish League, and videos of highlights of matches.


Phil Mac Giolla Bhain blog is a football blog founder by Phil, a seasoned journalist and football lover. Using his skills, he has consistently produce thought-provoking articles and shares his stories through the site. If you looking for football stories check out the blog. Are you a lover of Scottish football? Then you can’t avoid bookmark the site.


Using his experience in the soccer world to enlighten others, an ex-football amateur layer in Spain created SFS in 2009, he targets those interested in Spanish football news and shares diverse levels of news mainly about football in Spain.

#17 FPLConnect.Blog

A dedicated website to all things fantasy football, FPL Connect shares fantasy league tips and insights. The blog is maintained by Simon was set up to create the first most interactive FPL website for all Fantasy Premier League enthusiasts


As the name insinuates, it is a weekly online football website whose discussions revolve majorly around the French league. Its aim is to get news about France out to the world. Selected teams in France get to be written about weekly and various opinions and suggestions are contributed by viewers.


This is another football blog sold out not only for a single team and also not solely for the whole club. This means you have a convergent of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United to Liverpool transfer news, rumor, gossip, and much more. Founder by Iomie, it is a must-read blog for sports lovers


Looking for sports news but in a digital world experience, then Digital Sport is for you. While covering sports news, Digital Sport also enables journalists and sports lovers to meet and related. One of their interesting events is the monthly sports event hosted by the team.


Yeah, you guessed right! This is the football blog devoted to all Arsenal fans and offers its readers news ranging from daily news, match review, transfer gossips, match previews, team news, and lots more. It was established in November 2010 and was founded upon four key components; Hardwork, Quality Posts, Research, and Consistency and it offers its fans a platform to meet and socialize.


This is one of the fastest-growing and unique football websites in the business, it was created by Co-editors Robert Morris and Matthew Wood in 2010, they both have a vast range of journalism experience and works with the likes of the BBC, Digital Spy, The Times, etc. CSAR attracts a young demanding audience with their visible social networking presence and delivering bite-size content featuring transfer rumors and off-the-pitch antics.


OTP is recognized as one of the UK’s most popular football websites boasting over 10 million unique readers and up to 2 million page views per month. OTP has been featured from time to time on popular news websites like The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, BBC, and Mirror. It caters to the needs of all football fans, regardless of their club.


This site is committed to showcasing the accomplishments and history of the elite team in the English Premier League; Tottenham Hotspur, it features diverse videos and matches and discusses opinions and transfer news.


True to its name, A Football Report blog provides its subscribers with daily and weekly football data coupled with distinct predictions and statistics. It has been around since 2015 and has covered over 500 football leagues and cups from different countries to date and is still expanding its frontiers.


This is an online Leeds United Fanzine founded in 2008, it got its name from the old Elland Road South Stand and it aims at fanning to life the dying embers of the historical Premier League side, Leeds United. It provides its readers with daily news and transfer rumors and offers a platform of opportunity for content writing.


This site was created with lovers of Sports History in mind, it has been described as the Archive of Soccer where dates and events of soccer over years are made available. It is infused with articles on the effect of technology on games and offers apps that give soccer fans the opportunity to stream live matches.


This is one of the budding websites dedicated to Liverpool fans, it is committed to delivering news, views, opinions, podcasts, and more about one of the greatest clubs in the history of football. The writing team is contributors from all across the world and they strive to supply up-to-date news, opinions, and everything happening in the club.


What makes this football blog unique and distinct is the style that its articles adopt; it provides its readers with insights and notions on their thoughts about methods to employ by players and coaches to guarantee better performances. In addition to this, it takes a look at the lives of the players outside of the field and possibly its effect on their performance in games. Detailed articles on the history of players and their achievements are also provided.


This is an unofficial site serving the needs of all Liverpool fans, it was created by Michael Quinn and his friends and aims at spreading the news about the great club all over the world. It provides videos, transfers news, and injury updates to interested readers.

#31 Goal.Com

This is a football blog that has over sixty-four million football fans who trusts them to keep them fully updated on the games, offers original content and delivers all around the globe, this is done with ease as they have over 530 reporters on standby in over 50 countries, thereby ensuring first-class reports.


This is yet another site created with the interest of Liverpool fans worldwide at heart. It caters to their need by supplying a constant stream of Articles featuring news, statistics, match-day analysis, results, fixtures, and tables and affords writers opportunities to contribute to the site.


This blog was founded in 2002 by Andre Mangan who happens to be a die-hard Arsenal fan, it has garnered different awards over the years which includes ‘Best Sports Blog in 2007’, ‘Best Independent Podcaster (Irish Web Awards) in 2010’ and ‘Best Football Podcast and Best Football Blog Communication (soccer lens) in 2010’. It offers its fans ease by providing both a mobile and desk version. It has discussion forums and detailed articles on everything Arsenal.


The Brainchild of Dale O’Donnell, an Irish journalist, Stretty News came into view in 2010 and has since then provided news and opinions for Manchester United fans through an independent fanzine. It is a forum for writers and produces high-quality sports content. It provides its views with updates and non-knee jerk ideas, it gives room for opinion pieces on fan matters, first-team shenanigans, and stories about the club’s rich history. It has, in conjunction with Stretty News TV, conducted exclusive interviews with big names in the game.


This football blog is sold out to reviews of football games and outstanding goals in such games, it provides its subscribers with videos of game highlights, transfer gossips, and football news and it has garnered over 6 million followers, it also supplies daily football news and accommodates comments from fans.


Considered as the original, unofficial Liverpool website, Walk On was launched in the spring of 2005 to meet the needs of teeming Liverpool fans all over the world. It offers news gathering features such as Liverpool Twitter widget, Liverpool video news, and popular stories widget which allows for readers to access with ease in their preferred way; mobile, tablet, or desktop. It aims at expanding and is currently working on launching of Blog.


This site was created in 2012b by Big Balls Media with the aim to create a platform for football fans to celebrate their likes and passions and to exchange football tales, it dwells on the rich tradition and culture of football and also includes juicy details of the lives of players outside of their clubs.


This is an unofficial blog site for Manchester United fans and it aims at being the best Manchester United blog on the net. It was created by Ahmed Bilal of Sportslens but sustained by the Red Ranter. It gives fans the freedom to rant about their club with no fear of reprove or punishment. It offers daily articles on recent Manchester United results and analysis.

#39 ThePeople’

This football blog was founded in April 2011 with the view of providing qualitative content on everything that has to do with Manchester United; ranging from transfer news to training sessions to injury updates to matchday coverage and statistical analysis. Different outstanding opinions on matches are also broadcasted and keeps Fans loyal.


This football blog is sold out to satisfying the needs of Manchester United fans, it was created in 2006 with the aim of articulating the thoughts, opinions, and feelings of Manchester United fans worldwide despite the turbulent period they are experiencing. This is ensured by daily updates of articles and analyses.


This football blog was created by addicted Chelsea fans and created solely for Chelsea fans all over the world, it does not fail to provide its fans with information about the club and insightful ideas and notions about games. It also has a platform where fans can link up and socialize and also pass criticism on players.


This is one of the teeming football blogs that is committed to the Arsenal club, it was created in late 2005 and aims at promoting arsenal news and giving it due to exposure for the benefit of all Arsenal fans worldwide. It offers previews, post-match questions, and answers forum and reviews, it is a site for all interested Arsenal fans.


Created in 2001, This Is Anfield is an independent football club, offering membership only to Liverpool fans, it shoots at giving detailed reports, up-to-date news, critical analysis, and insightful opinions on the Reds.  It offers the juicy forum of advertisement opportunities for fans and purchases of jerseys, shoes, etc can be made.


This is another football site committed to the world of Gunners. It was established in February 2006 and it aims at delivering everything concerning the world of Arsenal football to the doorstep of its fans. Comments on various posts are allowed and encouraged but respect is advised in doing this. It offers articles on AFC trophies, book reviews, and favorite matches.


The unique element that makes this football blog stand out is that it is a thriving forum for exchange and submissions of opinions and thoughts about the performance of the club devoid of fear or favoritism as no article or comment can be edited or deleted. It is committed only to Liverpool fans worldwide.


This football blog kicked off in 2003 right after Arsenal won the FA Cup, it was created by Jim, a staunch supporter of Arsenal dating back to 1979, he has ensured that through thick and thin, he reports all the happenings of the great club and he keeps his readers captivated with the animated way he tells the stories of games; past and present.


This football blog lends its eye to interested readers who seek opinions and lovers of football, it was established by Ahmed Bilal in April 2006 and discusses everything that concerns soccer. It promises its subscribers detailed information, game reviews, analysis, and game previews irrespective of the club.


Ignore the name and let’s concentrate on the fact that this site is a harbor to various sports communities where various fans of diverse clubs converge to discuss their clubs. While this site encourages the free flow of discussions, it frowns at the exchange of insults, putting up offending messages and photos, and cyberbullying. This is ensured by placing a ban on anyone who defaults.


This football blog is totally sold out to all Barcelona fans worldwide just like the name implies, it gives opinions, analysis, reviews, and news of all Barcelona games and also follows up on the progress of the youth team. It is a sports community where ‘meet-and-greet’ is allowed and encouraged.


Founded in the United Kingdoms, NUFC Blog caters to avid fans of Newcastle United Club and it aims at discussing everything about the club; the good and the not so good. It encourages greatly inputs from commentators and it occasionally features guest articles from readers seeking a wider audience. If you are passionate about debates, then this is the site to be as articles are provided on interesting news and transfer rumors to give readers something to talk about often.


This is an active soccer blog site where vivid details of games are provided, including accurate analysis and statistics, and transfer rumors, it covers a wide range of soccer topics of numerous clubs and also has a forum for betting and offers predictions daily to interested fans.


This happens to be one of the most respected football blogs in India which have garnered close to 500,000 visitors and more than a million viewers daily. It was created in February 2012 by Ambekar and his Hindu friends and has catered to the needs of fans through interesting news, match previews, and analysis from the English Premier League and UEFA Champions League, it continues expanding over time.


This football site features articles that cover live scores, ratings of players in top-notch football clubs, and deep-seated analysis on the top leagues, it is run by a team of dedicated football analysts and software developers. It keeps track of unprecedented goals and those who score them and reports them in an animated way.


This blog is unique as it has a collection of writers, bloggers, illustrators and photographers who collates their ideas, thoughts, observations, and stories from all over the world and delivers them to fans of soccer. It also produces a quarterly print magazine which is made available on Kindle also. It won the ‘Best Established Blog Award’ at the 2015 football blogging awards and is an active member of the Copa90 collective.


This football site was created in September, 2005 solely for soccer discussions on variety of topics ranging from transfer gossips, premier league news, and so many others. It delivers video highlights of matches to soccer lovers and keeps tabs on various players.


Created in the year 2008 by Jonny, this football blog was created for football lovers in Asia. It brings to the news about Filipino football and also includes Asian football news. It aims at bringing Filipino football closer to its fans.


The popular sport media outfit; Dunsar Media Limited, based in the United Kingdoms created this football site in 2010 and it discusses everything football, much more on a global level. It delves into the politics in FIFA, UEFA, and other world soccer governing bodies.


An active football site dedicated to all Arsenal fans. It keeps interested viewers glued by the variety in its articles containing the latest news about the club, it offers forums like archives for stories of the past games and history made, gallery to check out pictorial stories and links to videos, what’s more, Arsenal fans can shop for arsenal kits on this site. There is a podcast and weekly magazines made available to interested people.


This is dedicated to all avid arsenal fans and was established in the year 2007 by Geoff and Pedro, die-hard fans of the Arsenal club, I offer a platform with no boundaries or restrictions in football discussions by subscribers, it of course discuss everything Gunner including detailed news, transfer rumors, injuries updates and much more. Captivating articles are posted on a daily basis to meet the curiosity of teeming viewers.


This soccer website has its base in the United States, it was created by Jesse Hertzberg in 1995 and has a record of over 150,000 registered users and over 1.2 million unique visitors during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Its aim was to launch Major League Soccer into the limelight and it had most of its supporters from the North American Soccer (NAS) list. It launched a partnership with MLS to become the official supplier of online community tools to the league’s and team’s official website and offers an interactive forum for sharing of news, exchange of ideas, gossips, etc


TDS was created in the late 90’s by Robert Ziegler who is an avid soccer fan with the intent of positively influencing local games and the mission to deliver influential and amenable coverage of college and high school aged soccer thereby promoting the game and the players involved. This is the official provider of college and club scores for more than 100,000 players and 5,000 teams, it is considered as not just a website but a destination and home to local clubs.


This football blog is rich in history spanning from the 1940s through to the 1990s. It takes a detailed look at the history of the worldwide game and how basically, it can impact the game positively, it dabbles into the history of the World Cup, European Cups, and the English first division. It offers articles everyday for its viewers.


The blog was created in 2009 to cater to the needs of AC Milan fans concerning news relating to the club, it was founded in the days when AC Milan was the giant in Italian football and European competitions, in order to cater to all Rossoneri subscribers, it is in English and provides up-to-date news, match reviews, highlight videos, fan zones, and the polls section.


This site discusses world soccer from the historical, cultural, and traditional perspectives. It provides detailed news about football clubs worldwide which are written by committed editors. It is an American-based online publication and was created in 2007.


The Mag happens to be the largest independent network catering to Newcastle United fans and it aims at entertaining and keeping the fans abreast of the club’s happenings; whether good or not so good. Having been in the football blog industry for over twenty-eight years, The Mag prides itself on providing invaluable insight into the operation of the club, with an expansive plexus of connections and relations, The Mag gives the best possible coverage and affords the fans the opportunity to interact every day, all the while keeping up with the latest news and views.


This site dedicated to club Atletico de Madrid in La Liga was launched in August 2010 and created by Nick Poskitt from the United Kingdom. It offers a blend of official news and opinion-based articles and features articles on club information, fixture and results, rumor and gossip, and prediction league. It aims at connecting all Atletico Madrid fans all over the world and therefore encourages open discussions and free comments.


Established 1994 by a small international team of dedicated Blues, the Toffee Web caters to Everton FC fans, supplying them with comprehensive up-to-date news about the club with also the forum that accommodates opinions of Evertonians all over the world, this is done through frequent polls, the Toffee Web Mailbag and the exceptional Fans Articles Section.


This football site was created with the sole purpose of building a more inclusive world through soccer, it seeks to use soccer as a tool for positive change, reaching out to understand youths and helping them surmount barriers to development, inclusion and personal achievements. It has active social media forums which serves as a platform for all interested youths to meet and socialize and talk soccer.


This football blog gives accounts on the latest news, gossip and views on Aston Villa Football Club and also affords its fans the forum to interact with each other. It has featured in publications like The Sun, The Metro, and The Birmingham Mail amongst others. It also has active social media platforms of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It also has its own podcast and a handful of followers.


This football website is unique in its own style of being devoted to women soccer, launched in July 2009, its basic aim is to give women football the necessary coverage and exposure and possibly applaud and it has been able to achieve that on a big level as it is considered as the haven where professional news about women footballers is been sourced for all over the world.  It dabbles in critical analysis of women football of both foreign and local.


This site is managed by Andrew Griffiths and is committed totally to furnish interested people with excellent training schedules, training paraphernalia, and DVDs that are of the essence and use to coaches and aspiring ones. Various coaches from top teams in the United Kingdom are employed to offer expert training and analysis about the games, trainings range from Football coaching to Life coaching to Basketball coaching, the website also offers Business blog ideas for its subscribers.


Just as the name implies, this football blog was created to keep all Juventus fans abreast of the happenings of their favorite club; both past and present. The site offers match interviews, news, transfer rumors, video highlights, injury news, and exclusive update about the life of the players. This is the site for all Juventus fans to be.


This website meets the needs of avid lovers of soccer, it shares famous and infamous opinions about games, latest happenings and also reviews team jersey and boots. This website is the place to go to see the latest jerseys of various teams, including the future ones.


As funny as the name sounds, this football blog means just that! It was launched in February 2006 by Iain Dale and satisfies the needs of all West Ham fans. It is considered to be one of the most visited football blogs in the UK and due to the rich experiences accumulated by its founder, it has made history in news reporting when compared to other blogs, it frowns on the use of expletives but encourages exchange and offer of opinions and ideas.


This football blog is dedicated to Arsenal fans worldwide and run by several faithful Arsenal fans whose objective is to supply the best up-to-date news about the club. It is the go-to place for Arsenal details, transfer mills and daily articles.


Considered as one of the biggest soccer blog in England, TBIR is a harem of histories of the game, especially the English football league. It keep tabs on players and follows their progress over the years, it reports on transitions and promotions and practices flat-out grassroots football reporting.


This is a website dedicated to all things Real Madrid. It aims at providing latest resources such as news, match reports, commentaries, analysis and more. It is a part of the ‘One Football’ network and works on connecting fans together from all over the world to share and exchange views, ideas, and opinions.


With captivating technological designs and capturing headlines, Just Football provides its readers with an analytical look at news, opinions and commentaries of the football world, it includes the culture, history, the zeal, the extravaganza, and the games. It is a UK-based independent football blog with readers in 207 countries and still-expanding, it was created by Jonathan Fadugba in November 2007 and is considered as one of the most-respected and long-standing football blogs having gotten recommendations from several major publications including The Guardian, BBC, Reuters and so on.


This is a lifestyle football blog with its root in lifestyle and culture of explores sport from a deep and rich perspective and offers articles on FIFA World Cup, soccer schedules, highlights, tournaments, teams, and results.


This is an international site with a growing number of visitors, more than a million, it aims at popularizing soccer as a sport, it brings entertainment to its viewers by delivering all the latest means and videos on soccer and it has a forum for advertisement.


Created in 2011, These Football Times was birthed from the opinion that highly qualitative football and coaching content be made available for free, since then, it has grew to a site that supplies quarterly print magazines, offers mouth-watering interviews with big names in the game, critical analysis of defining moments of past and present games and a long-age football podcast, it also affords great freelancers the forum to make money. It is a part of the Guardian Sport Network and also a key contributor to media houses like BBC, ESPN to mention but a few.


This is a blog that serves the need of its teeming fans by delivering spicy football stories and correct, unique news, transfer rumors, match previews and many more in the world of soccer.


This football blog provides the best of everything soccer, ranging from News to highlights to showcasing live scores and covering the World Cup, it doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to discussions on big games like Euro 2016 and it has a betting forum. It is home to all soccer lovers. It also keeps tabs on all decisive goals.


This football blog is excited to be the connecting source for all soccer fans worldwide, to keep them glued and entertained, it has in readiness fresh transfer gossips, exciting news and reviews, and updates.


This football site ensures that its readers get the best of everything including catchy soccer headlines and important news, it keeps its viewers informed of the latest events in the world of football.


This football blog was established in May, 2006 and it concentrates on politics, culture, financials and history of football, its main domain is in UK but t is gradually gaining ground. It is an award-winning blog and has gotten featured on ‘The Sun’ as the website of the week.


This site was created with a mindset of providing a forum for lovers of soccer to share their opinions and thoughts about soccer. It is an independent network that strives to be unbiased in its assessment and reviews of matches. It covers all aspects of football and edits comments which they don’t deem fit to stay.


This football site is committed to bringing the game of soccer free to all, it was developed by soccer fans for soccer fans, it aims at growing a friendly internet community that’s based around a soccer manager game where people can enjoy the game in togetherness and make friends. However, it frowns upon the display of violence, racial hatred, or any other form of discrimination.


This blog puts focus on the comedic approach of the game, it reports the latest issues and soccer news especially on Premier League and other big names in a funny way.


Brooks Reek created this medium in 2008 and has recorded visits from millions of fans al over the world, it brings exciting news, tantalizing stories and recent happenings in the soccer world to the lovers of football.


Distinguished by its incredible style of showcasing its interest in the football industry through research data measurement, SM is an online company that is responsible for quantitative analysis of team and players’ performance.


This is another distinguished site which delves into the world of soccer by using tactics and formations, it makes use of diagrams, statistics, and graphs to drive its point home, it hasn’t only analyzed the geometrics of the football game but also postulate solutions to complex problems posed to the gaffer.


This is an online magazine that explores the depth of soccer and the influence of culture on the game in the Northern part of America. It features exciting articles and rich multimedia content.


This US-based sports site deals with all aspects of sports and reports news on them from all around the world. It offers a world of inclusive articles and ideas on various genres of sports including soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis amidst others.


The online site covers a wide range of various sports from NBA to MMA to NASCAR to NHL not excluding college football, BR has got all the juicy news and up-to-date information on all the leagues, its success is largely due to the writing team that consists of football writers and bloggers. It is set to bring full entertainment to all sports lovers.


This football blog greatly satiates the ever-demanding need of all soccer fans all over irrespective of their clubs, it’s more exciting as it connects viewers to their favorite sports or players, the latest news is supplied and discussions encouraged. It churns out about fifty-six posts per week.


An online magazine that is devoted to soccer, founded in USA, Howler Magazine has ts fans and subscribers from all over the globe and features diverse topics ranging from profiles, writings, humors, essay not leaving out original illustrations and photography.


Created in England, SD is concerned with delivering qualitative content featuring transfer rumors, live scores, video highlights, interviews, preview and review of matches, football news, and match reports, its readers are not left unsatisfied as the team ensures that updated articles are made available on the site.


This football blog offers the latest news on college soccer, club soccer, and the US soccer landscape, it features serves, rankings for all levels, and news produces about four posts per week, and has a growing fan base.


This football blog started with an objective to help out the young upcoming generation of soccer, it connects them with expert players in the field to discuss their experiences so far and the pros and cons of the game.

That you have the top football blogs to follow in 2019.

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