Gambling is popular in India, with many different forms of gambling available.

From poker to following tipsters and placing bets on football or casino gaming, the choices are out there. Casino gaming is one of the most popular choices that people make, and there is a great service on offer.

For players in India, there are three games that stand out as being the most popular games for players.

But what are they? Here are our top three, so you can find out what Indian players are playing right now.

#3 Teen Patti

Teen Patti was created in India and is a game that is popular throughout South Asia. It is a game based on the English game of three-card brag, while there are also influences in the game from the world of poker.

Elsewhere, you may know the game called Flush or Flash, but in India the only name it has is Teen Patti. A game usually sees 3-6 people involved, and the full set of 52 cards are used during play. It is a game you will see played in many places online as the best online casino sites offer revamped Indian classics for their players to enjoy, this game being one of them.

#2 Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is another hugely popular card game in India, alongside Teen Patti. This game originated in the South of India but has since spread around the entire country and even to neighbouring ones. There are claims that the game has been around for hundreds of years, and that it is a huge part of Indian heritage.

If you want to know why Andar Bahar is so popular with players then the reason is because it is very simple. There are two options and a 50/50 chance of winning when you place this game. For this reason, many new casino game players begin their gaming life by playing Andar Bahar and many of them keep playing it for a long period of time, because the game is incredibly good.

#1 Roulette

The number one most popular casino game in India is roulette. This is not only the case in India, roulette is hugely popular all over the world, with players trying their luck on a regular basis. While Andar Bahar attracts Indian players because of its simplicity, roulette is a game where players choose how simple or complicated they make it.

Many start by betting on the reel in simple terms, on colours, odd or even or high or low. When players want to play something a little more complex, they don’t need to find a new game, instead they can just make their roulette bets a little more complex, betting on numbers, sections, blocks or lines.

This increases the odds, but also increases the risk involved for players. It does however give players many different options for placing their bets and playing roulette in many ways, which is the main reason why roulette is the most popular casino game with Indian players at the moment.