The unusual coaching methods of Graham Potter

Graham Potter is not the most conventional football coach out there. You can make sport betting Uganda from on all the teams that have been coached by this manager at some moment. Some of the teams that he has managed during his career include:

  • Leeds Carnegie;
  • Östersund;
  • Swansea City;
  • Brighton & Hove Albion;
  • and Chelsea.

Potter’s career has been quite successful. However, those who have had him as manager have plenty of reasons to state that he is a somewhat “unusual” manager. Make now sports betting from 1xBet Uganda on great English football teams and great incredible rewards.

Taking people outside from their comfort zone

One of the longest spells in Graham Potter’s career came in Swedish football team Östersund. He coached that squad between 2011 and 2018. As most players of the squad at the time can attest, the English manager was far from the most conventional coach. The website can also be used while waiting for Swedish football matches.

Some of the methods used by the English coach include, for example, being active parts of their communities. He also encouraged his players to do things that normally would make them embarrassed. The purpose of this was to make the footballers leave their comfort zone. Where you can feel quite comfortable is at 1xBet, where the best wagering opportunities await.

Inspired by other managers

Graham Potter has created many of his methods after being inspired by other managers. The most notable examples are Roberto Martínez and Pep Guardiola. In fact, the tactics used by Potter’s teams have some similarities with how the squads of those two Spanish managers perform. Feel free to make a live bet on 1xBet on the teams where those two excellent coaches also work.

There are plenty of other methods used by Graham Potter in his teams. For example, he is an avid user of technology. This means that he uses a lot of data in order to understand how his teams perform and what aspects must be improved.

Also, the English manager is extremely flexible with his formations. There are plenty of football coaches that stick to an individual setup and only make minor adjustments to it. However, Potter is exactly the opposite. As an example, in the season when he coached Swansea at the Championship, he used more than 10 different formations. Also, the team made a huge number of passes. At 1xBet you can also make a live bet on all teams who play in the Championship as well.


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