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Liverpool shows grit in comeback win..

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool knew they had to up their game after coming out of Old Trafford with a point despite not playing well. They had to show their doggedness after conceding in the first minute. It could have been worse had Son Heung Min taken his chance early in the second half. Ultimately, Liverpool proved too good for Tottenham and still maintain their lead at the top of the Premier League table. The availability of Mohamed Salah was a very good advantage as he was obviously missing at Old Trafford. Manchester City would have to wait for another week to take advantage.

Serie A teams falter in the same weekend!

Maurizio Sarri and Juventus, although top of the League, are not playing their best football at the moment. Over the weekend, Sarri did not feel it was necessary to take Ronaldo along away to Lecce seeing that the home team had not mustered any points at home. Sarri was ultimately very wrong. The football was not very great and they obviously did not get the desired result. In hindsight, Sarri should maybe have put Ronaldo on the bench at the very least.

Inter Milan played after Juventus drew and knew they had to win to get back to the top of the Serie A. They drew. They also did not have a great game as one of their goals was a deflection and the other one was a controversial Lukaku goal. As you were. Napoli also managed to draw by the way.

Thiago Motta starts Genoa coaching job with a win..

You remember Thiago Motta? The guy that got sent off in the second leg of the Champions League game against Barcelona at the Camp Nou while playing for Inter Milan? Well, he is a Football Coach now. Over the weekend, his team was losing and it looked like their poor form would continue. Motta made three substitutions and all three went on to score goals to turn the tide. Not a bad way to start your managerial career eh?

Granada top La Liga..

Granada, after a 1-0 in against Real Betis over the weekend, are top of the Spanish La Liga. Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately, Barcelona was meant to host Real Madrid this weekend for the El Clasico but the game was postponed due to political reasons. Amazing times in the Spanish League.

Paris St. Germain in a league of their own..

 For PSG, it seems that they cannot be touched in the Ligue 1. Not having players like Neymar and Cavani available cannot even stop them. Against Marseille, the game was practically over in the first 45 minutes. The elephant in the room still is – and always has been- when this League dominance would be transferred to the Champions League. We still wait