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Manchester City squeezes ahead again..
For a while during Manchester City’s game against Burnley, it was looking like Manchester City would eventually lose ground (and most likely the league) to Liverpool as they huffed and puffed for a while. Ultimately, they dug deep and got the winner through their talisman. If there was one player that was you could depend on to get a team out of a situation, it would be Sergio Aguero. If Manchester City wins the League title, it is games like these that would have made all the difference. The blue team of Manchester is back on top!
Tottenham defeated in new stadium..
Tottenham’s unbeaten run in their new stadium did not last as they were beaten by a very decent West Ham side. It seemed like the Tottenham players already had one eye on their crunch tie against Ajax during the week. There were some good opportunities spurned and you just get the feeling that Tottenham is putting their eggs all in one basket (or Champions League basket). Luckily, the teams below them do not seem hungry enough to take advantage.
Weird top four race..
For the third Premier League game running, the teams battling for the fourth spot (more or less) – Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal have all failed to win. Has there ever been any weirder top four fight? Arsenal cannot win away from home, Manchester United had not scored from open play in ages until yesterday and Chelsea cannot win either at home or away. In all this the luckiest team seems to be Tottenham Hotspur. For them to continually perform poorly and still comfortably be in third position is nothing short of magical. Third and Fourth spots are still up for grabs. Two games left. Shocking stuff.
Barcelona tie up La Liga..
With three games to go, Barcelona have been crowned La Liga Champions, their eighth in the last eleven available. Against Levante, Barcelona rested their talisman but ultimately, it was him that still broke the deadlock- what can they do without him? Levante gave it as they are not out of the relegation fight just yet but it was not enough. Now that the League is dusted, Barcelona can now switch their attention to the Champions League and the Copa del Rey final. Another treble on the cards?
Paris St. Germain lose cup final.
Well, this is not the climax to the season that Paris St. Germain would have been looking forward to. Playing in the Cup Final, letting a two goal lead slip, Kylian Mbappe getting a red card and ultimately losing the Cup via penalties was definitely not in the script for the team from Paris. Ultimately, Tuchel would look back, scratch his head and wonder where it all went wrong for his team – the answer is Manchester United by the way- because this cannot be termed as a successful season by their very high standards. With a lot of uncertainties surrounding the club and its players, it may get worse before it gets better for them.


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