This Map Shows The Most Popular NBA Teams in The United States

most popular nba teams

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Do you know the most popular NBA teams by states in the US?

The NBA (National Basketball Association ) is believed to be the most popular professional basketball league in the world with over 30 teams. The NBA is so popular that an average team in the league is believed to be worth around $1.9B.

Even though the teams are so popular, we decided to find out the most popular teams per states. This led us to what you will find below, a map that shows the most popular NBA team by states in the United States.

If you are looking to know where each NBA team’s fan are, then this map will lead you to it.

Looking at the map, you will see that Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers and Sacramento Warriors are much loved in California while Portland Trail Blazers can be said to have more fans in Oregon.

Furthermore, Texans are in love with Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets while Minnesota Timberwolves are much loved at home.

Take the map for spin. Are you an NBA fan? Which team are you rooting for?

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