Slots are one of the oldest casino games that have been played for quite a long time in casinos. What makes an incredible slot machine? An amazing concept and display bring players to be it in live or online casinos. There are so many different interesting slots games that players can enjoy with each of them have their unique interesting factors.                                   

Generally, casino games are all very interesting with diverse themes to match the skills and preferences of players. Similar slot games, playing Judi poker online is another interesting casino game that most people can play just for fun or for cash.

Judi poker online and generally poker can as well be enjoyed in most live casinos which is one of the most played and attractive casino games of all time. Slots equally pull the crowd just like other games and here are some of the most played slot games.

Different types of slot games

Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine

The Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine is one of the most popular slot machine games that have been existent for like two decades. The game makes use of sounds and graphics. Players get to spin the wheel to earn some bonus credits, often referred to as the “Wheel of Fortune”

Double Diamond

Double diamond is another spic slot game that has been in existence for several years. It exists in different formats including the; three-reel mechanical, five-reel video and online formats. It has a classic layout comprised of diamond symbols that act as multipliers. 

Every double diamond symbol pairs every winning spin. As an example; two bars and a pair of diamond reward twice as much as three bars. A single bar and two pairs of diamonds reward four times as much as two bars and a double diamond. And as a typical note, three double diamonds are a hit.


In live casinos, the slot machines in compound/multiple casinos are connected to the same jackpot. With megabucks slots, a portion of bets is gathered from all the players partaking in the casino game and put in a single slot till someone successfully strikes it rich. With megabucks, it is often difficult to make a hit but the reward is always heavy in both live and online casinos.

Cash Express

At the moment, a majority of slot machines that provide progressive jackpots in live casinos or online require multiple tiers. With cash express, the train usually rolls through the screen retaining the players’ chance to win till there is a successful hit.

Jackpots are usually categorized as; Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. Mini is always just a few bucks. Most players usually get thrilled with the delight of engaging multiple progressives.

Cleopatra Slot Machine

Cleopatra slot game has a parallel outline to dozens of slots games, but it has a unique space in online slot history. The Cleopatra slot game was hosted in live casinos more like; a five-video reel, 20-pay line game comprised of an Egyptian concept. Reel symbols involved; scarabs, the Eye of Horus Slot and, the famous Cleopatra.

Two Sphinx symbols will yield a strew pay – players can win even if the symbols are not on consecutive reels. Three or more Sphinxes can result in a free-spin bonus. These features make the Cleopatra Slot machine game quite interesting.