unveiling the best football prediction site in nigeria betensured

Today marks the official launch of this user-oriented football prediction and analysis website, Betensured.  We thought it wise to use this blog post to introduce the features of the website and answer every possible question as regards the use of our services.

The very first question in our readers’  mind might be “What’s the meaning of Betensured?“.  Betensured is derived from two words namely; bet and ensured . The word bet according to googling the word ‘bet’ on google means

To risk a sum of money or valued item against someone else’s on the basis of the outcome of an unpredictable event such as a race or game.

It says “Unpredictable event such as a race or game” but is football actually unpredictable?? If Chelsea was topping the table and they had a game against Aston Villa in Chelsea’s home for instance, and Chelsea has always  drawn every match played against Aston Villa in their home, who do you think would win the match?

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It would be foolhardy to place a bet for Chelsea to win just because they are topping the table. In this case the safest and best thing any professional bettor would do is to place a bet of Home Win Or Draw H(W/d) not an outright Home win. This type of analysis and intelligent prediction shows that betting on football games differs from betting on casino where you just dash free money to the bookmakers. Football outcomes are 80% predictable.

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The second part of the word betensured is the word “ensure”. Now we go to google and search what ensure means.

Ensure means to make certain that (something) will occur or be the case.

What we try to do is to make sure all our Nigerian users get 80% of their bets correctly. We want to say No to gambling but YES to sports investment and football prediction site. When you place bets without knowledge, you GAMBLE but when you place bets with knowledge you INVEST. In simple terms, we want to make certain that 80% of the time our users place bets via our guidance it would be correct.

With our mission clearly stated, the different features and functionalities of the website would be explained in the following paragraphs.

The website was designed to guide Nigerian football punters in 8 different categories to place money when betting on football matches. The eight categories are Sure 5, Take The Risk (TTR), First Half Wins (FHW), First Half Draws (FHD),  DRAWS, Double Chance, Over & Under 2.5 GOALS, Over 1.5 GOALS and Both Teams To Score (BTS).

Sure 5

The Sure 5 category was built for sports bettors who are looking for any list of combined matches to accumulate up to 5 odds. The outcomes of each accumulated match may not necessarily give outright wins but may include outcomes such as over 1.5 goals, under 2.5 goals or Both Teams To Score (BTS).

Take The Risk

The Take The Risk category as the name implies refer to matches where the outcomes are tight to predict and as such odds for those matches are very high and provide high value for the bettor

First Half Wins

First Half Wins category displays the matches in which either team playing is predicted to win the first 45 Minutes of the match.The team leading the opponent in the number of goals scored by the exhaustion of the first 45 Minutes, is declared the winner of the first half.

First Half Draws 

First Half Draws category displays the matches in which the teams playing are predicted to have a draw at the end of the first 45 Minutes of the match.


The Draws category shows the matches that are expected to end in a draw at the end of the 90 Minutes match.

Double Chance

The Double Chance category displays matches that enable the bettor predict two possible chances of a match outcome. The predictions under this category are Home Win or Draw H(W/d) AND Away Win or Draw A(W/d).

2.5 Goals

  • Over 2.5 Goals category displays matches that are predicted to produce a total goal of 3 goals and above.
  • Under 2.5 Goals category displays matches that are envisaged to produce a total of 2 goals or less

1.5 Goals

Over 1.5 goals category shows the football matches that are estimated to produce  a total of 2 goals and above.


BTS or Both Team To Score for long, describes matches that are predicted to have goals being scored by both teams at least.

Super Weekend

The Super Weekend category displays a list of matches for the weekend -Friday to Sunday- and their predicted outcomes.

Definition Of Certain Terms We Use In Prediction

While using our site, you may come across certain terms which are not familiar,especially to novice bettors. A list of them are;

  • H(W/d) – Home Win Or Draw
  • A(W/d) – Away Win or Draw
  • BTS – Both Teams To Score
  • HOME – Home to win outright
  • DRAW – Match to end in draw
  • AWAY – Away to win outright

Finally, a list  of the leagues we provide predictions for and their abbreviations as found on our website  especially in our featured matches section on the homepage are;

  • English Premiership (EPL)
  • Spanish La Liga (PRD)
  • German Bundesliga (FB)
  • Italian Serie A (SEA)
  • French Ligue 1 (LI1)
  • Netherland Eredivisie (NET)
  • Portugal Primera Liga (POR)
  • Russian Premier League (RUS)
  • English Championship (ECH)
  • Argentina Primera Division (ARG)
  • Brazil Serie A (BRA)
  • Belgium Pro League (BEL)
  • Bulgaria A PFG (BUL)
  • Croatia 1 Division (CRO)
  • Czech Republic 1 Division (CZE)
  • Denmark Superligaen (DEN)
  • Greece Super League (GRE)
  • Norway Tippeligaen (NOR)
  • Poland Ekstraklasa (POL)
  • Romania Liga 1 (ROM)
  • Scotland Premiership (SCO)
  • Sweden Allsvenskan (SWE)
  • Swiss Super League (SWI)
  • Turkey Super League (TUR)
  • Ukraine Premier League (UKR)

This post has been written to enlighten our readers, users, bettors and everyone else, on the categories we provide predictions for and a general  overview of the operations of Betensured. Please ask your questions as a comment and it would be treated appropriately.

Word of Warning:

Never bet with money you cannot afford to lose. 

Ready to get started with football betting? Do not forget to read this article about on how to bet successfully on football and win.


    • yes an investor can combine up to 5 matches. But we would advice that you should not just combine all predictions on our site blindly as sometimes the matches may not have the outcomes in the particular serial order as it appeared

  1. I commend you for your kind gesture and first hand helping tools to great nigerians.I want to say a very big thank you for your continius work.Non Nigerian and people from all over the word that has not benefited from this site.I say once more a big thank you from all over the WORLD. We love you

  2. You guys are really doing good when it comes to the free tips, but you should try to make the archives of the paid tips available for viewing by anyone be it a subscriber or not

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