Using the Cash Out Option in Football Betting

Have you ever wished you could get back your money you already bet before a game that you bet on is over? With the cash out option in football, you can.

Picture this: you bet €5 on Arsenal beating Liverpool in a hot contest. With 5 minutes to the end of the game, Arsenal is leading 2-1. Your 3/1 bet is in a comfortable place, and you are already budgeting for the €20 returns in your head.

Then, Liverpool makes a substitution that you believe is perfectly timed to force an equalizer. Rather than risk Liverpool equalizing and losing the bet, you can decide to cash out instead. The bookmaker may offer you  €20 in winnings – lower than what you expected but guaranteed.

How Cash Out Betting Works

Cash out is a great feature that every punter could use. The next time you are choosing a football bookmaker, be sure to check if they offer the cash out option. You never know when you might need it. Take some time to find out more about cash out betting and use it yourself.

What is in for the bookmakers, you might ask.

Bookmakers use advanced algorithms that continuously evaluate how a game is progressing. They make adjustments to their odds to reflect this. The updated odds directly impact how much cash out they can offer bettors at every point of the game.

Cash Out and Live Betting

In live betting, for instance, the cash out offer is always changing, but available. When a team scores, the cash out option may be suspended for a brief moment as the algorithm recalculates the odds and how much to offer for cash out.

It is also not uncommon for the bookmaker to completely withdraw the cash out option at any point during the game. Therefore, when relying on this option to win big, be sure to continually check the offer so as not to miss your chance.

Some bookmakers offer special partial cash out options to live bettors. Partial cash out is an option to leave some of the original winnings or stake on the event while cashing. As impressive as it sounds, the partial cash out can be very complicated and is often not offered by many bookmakers.

When Should You Cash Out?

There is no rule of thumb to follow as far as cashing out in a football game goes. You will have to rely on your gut to make this work for you. However, there are a few considerations that will go a long way to help you make a profitable judgement call.

Did you place a confident bet that is quickly going south? Cashing out is designed for such situations. If you placed a  €100 bet on your favourite team, and you concede three goals in the first half, you could save money if the bookmaker offers you a €50 cash out.

The Practicality of Cashing in on Cash Out

To some punters, cash out is a god-sent option that helps them not only cut potential losses but also make a quick buck. Bookmakers offer cash out amounts that can be higher or lower than potential winnings on a bet. 

Cash out offers are typically calculated from the latest odds. Bookmakers will also factor in their margins in their offer. As a result, it is highly unlikely that a bettor can have an edge that is better than the projected winnings.

Therefore, it is not advisable to place a bet with the intent to cash out before the event is over. The cash out option is never guaranteed on all games and must never be a part of a bettor’s strategy.

The Auto Cash Out

Some bookmakers are way ahead of their time. They have come up with a way in which a bettor can create automatic cash out request amounts. It involves setting a value limit, typically pegged on the event odds. When or if the odds reach the set limit, the cash out is automatically triggered.

This feature can come in handy if you are betting on multiple games all played at the same time. It is useful when betting on football matches you cannot watch or follow live. Most bookmakers that offer auto cash out also offer partial cash out and partial auto cash out.

In Summation

Cash out is an option. It is right there in its name. In football betting, as in everything else, it is always good to have options. While you cannot incorporate it in your strategy, it is good to have the opportunity to cash out when a loss is imminent.