accumulate odds in football betting

Many of us sports bettors know that using the method of accumulating odds is one of the ways to make it big in football betting. Although this is a known fact, many people still make heavy losses due to several reasons.

This video we got from Youtube highlights certain Do’s and Dont’s when using accumulators. Kindly watch and let us know with a comment if you agree or disagree with the tips. This could enable us make better football predictions for our users.


How To Use Accumulators In Football Betting


Don’t Put Too Many Football Matches

The mistake a lot people make is thinking that by adding as many football match as possible to a single accumulator ticket, they are increasing the odds and the eventual payout. Although this is true to a certain extent; yes the odds are hugely increased so also is the risk and the potential of losing that bet.

let’s face it, what’s the probability that the 30 matches you predicted would all come out the way you assumed. There’s a huge probability that at least one would fail. Remember that once one match fails, the ticket is rendered useless.

The best practice is to limit your accumulator ticket to at most 7 – 10 matches. This reduces the risk of failure and gives you less high blood pressure.

Be Unemotional

We understand that you are probably an Arsenal fan or a Manchester City fan. That does not mean that you should always place bets in their favor. In fact, if you can, just totally avoid placing bets on any team you support because surprises do happen.

Take for instance the community shield match that took place last week between Chelsea and Arsenal. Many Chelsea supporters were heart broken because every football prediction indicated that Chelsea would win. But Alas!! Arsenal surprised the world.

If you can take out emotions and be very logical, you can still gamble with your favorite team. But if you cannot, Stay clear.

The remaining tips are shown this video. Watch and Learn

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