virtual football betting

Betting among the teeming population around the world is now a source of income that people indulge in, mostly as a side hustle.

The question asked by most punters and would-be punters is what is the best way to make money via betting? Many believe betting on live matches is better, some believe certain sports (for instance, football, tennis, basketball etc.) will bring more gain, but some see their gains in virtual football.

Some will argue that if winning on real soccer games are hard, how then do you win with programmed virtual soccer? The answer is not far-fetched. It is simply using skill, perseverance and tact.

This article will delve into the world of virtual football betting today and all you need to know about virtual soccer betting.

What is virtual football betting?

Every bookie is constantly on the lookout for new avenues to make customers and clients key into the different ways of betting and of course, offering something different from the conventional betting. Virtual football betting is a stimulated football game that offers all that conventional football has and even much more. Virtual football is a programmed game created with codes and algorithms made to entertain customers and bettors and offer them an immediate avenue to make a profit.

The idea behind virtual football betting is to lessen the time customers spend waiting for the actual football games to end, while offering them the opportunity to make quick money.

In virtual football betting, different leagues are introduced, ranging from the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga and the Italia Seria A. You are also shown the team table which contains the form and statistics of each team.

The time interval between each game ending is usually between three to five minutes. What this implies is that within three to five minutes, you will know the result of your stake. The results from each event are generated by a computer algorithm which picks the winner fairly.

Moreover, games are played at all hours of the day (24/7), every day for users wishing to stake on.

Bettors stake on the eventual outcome of their chosen football teams by looking at the odds offered, the stimulated histories and player profiles that are provided by the bookie.

How is virtual football programmed?

Virtual football is programmed to mirror how exactly real football matches are played. A group of programmers and computer specialists are employed to study real-life football leagues and make a computerised version of it.

What this entails is that the strongest team in real-life; the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, PSG and Juventus will still be very strong while the likes of Norwich, Aston Villa, Villareal, and Osasuna amongst others will still be weak.

However, you have to be very careful with this line of thought. There are usually upsets in real life; therefore there will also be upsets in the virtual matches. There are no guarantees that the big boys will always win and that is how the programming works as well.

You do not know which week upsets are coming; you have to play the game regularly to guarantee better wins.

Although, the table and form charts are valuable, however, they mean very little to what can happen in the actual game. A team might win five straight matches and suddenly lose to the 19th placed team. Virtual games are programmed to keep the customers coming back for more.

Advantages of virtual football betting

1. A pivotal benefit of virtual football betting is that it is always available. A 24/7 stimulated game will always be available for you to stake on. Therefore, there is no waiting for match day anymore. Just stake and bet.

2. Another huge benefit virtual football has is that the matches are usually shorter in duration. You don’t have to wait for so long to know the outcome of an event. Although the duration varies from one bookie to another, on an average, it is between three to five minutes on all stimulated virtual matches.

3. It is very easy to learn and play. Even people with little or no knowledge of football can stake, as long as they understand the rudiments of betting.

4. Some problems associated with real football matches are eliminated in virtual football betting. Problems like an injury to key players, poor weather conditions, a wrong decision by the referee and late substitution are all inexistent in virtual football.

5. There are also fewer markets available in virtual betting than real matches, which leads to less confusion for customers.

6. You have the opportunity to make an immediate profit and solve issues

Disadvantages of virtual soccer betting

Just like every other entity; virtual soccer betting also has its drawbacks. Some of which are:

1. It can become an addiction: It is common to hear stories of bettors who are addicted to virtual betting. And like everything that causes addiction, it affects an individual negatively. Addiction to virtual betting creates a pseudo winning mentality on the punter which makes him think he can always get his money back if he continues to gamble.

2. Promotes joblessness and encourages social vices: Playing virtual betting usually prevents people from having a stable job and also affects their productivity and performance at work. All a bettor will think of is that he can make more money from virtual betting than through hard work. Also virtual may encourage an individual to steal when he has lost a lot of money.

3. Virtual football betting removes the thrill that real soccer gives because the output giving is false and without excitement.

4. Virtual soccer betting always has one outcome; an eventual loss to the punter who doesn’t give up. The game is so programmed that no matter how the bettor plays, he will eventually lose. Don’t forget the axiom of betting that says “the house always wins”? This applies to virtual soccer as well.

5. Leads to extreme poverty and indebtedness: Virtual soccer betting, when one is addicted, can ultimately lead to one getting indebted and becoming poor, especially the majority of gamblers who have become addicted to this type of game. Many have been pushed to borrow money with the hope that they will reap profit immediately but unfortunately, they end up losing.

The differences between virtual soccer betting and real soccer betting

1. In real football matches, there are a plethora of markets and possibilities that can happen in an event. In real matches, you could have up to seven to eight goals. However, in virtual soccer matches, all things are programmed. Specifically, all goals in virtual soccer are fixed at six; meaning, you can only have a score line like 1-0, 1-1, 2-1, 3-3, 3-2, 1-5, 6-0, etc.

2. Also, in virtual soccer betting, the numbers of things you can stake on are very limited, unlike the real soccer betting that you can have handicap betting, corner, the number of fouls, half-time substitution and the likes.

3. The quality of players in both virtual football and real soccer betting is very different. In real life betting, the coach is seen and can make necessary substitutions when there is the need for one, unlike the virtual soccer that no yellow card, no red card, the play itself is drab and no formation is displayed. 

4. In real football betting, you have more information to work with and bet with, unlike the virtual football betting where there exist only false statistics displayed, which doesn’t determine the actual possibility of the team you wish to stake on. In real football, you can deduce that a star player is injured, a team does not really need the match, their form has dropped; all these are not available in the virtual soccer.

5. In real football betting, you have to wait the entire ninety minutes that it takes for the football match to end before you know your fate and can decide if the bet wins or not.  However, in virtual betting, you will win or lose within 3 to 5 minutes.

6. Not all bookmakers offer virtual football, however, bookmakers offer real football betting on their platform, the reason behind this is because not every bookmaker is interested in stimulated matches and some believe it is not as profitable as real football betting

Top virtual football bookies

Some of the bookmakers that offer virtual football betting include but are not limited to:










How to win virtual football betting

1. Make sure you learn the rudiments: Virtual soccer betting does not need you to have the basic knowledge of real soccer, however, you need to learn how to play the stimulated game if you really want to win enough money in it. Like all games, there are certain tricks and tips which you need to learn. This learning process takes time and can only be done by watching people play the game over a period of time. Study the game well and you will get it.

2. After studying the rudiments of virtual soccer betting, you will need to start betting with small amounts. This is what is called testing the waters in gambling. Money is not easy to come by; therefore you need to start small before delving fully into virtual soccer betting. Virtual soccer is programmed to give you the impression of real soccer; however, these realities are false. That is why starting small is important; it helps reduce your losses. Although staking with little money means you will also win little, however, against the computer, any win is a win. The key is making a profit, no matter the amount.

3. Stop chasing your losses: If a punter really wants to win virtual soccer betting, he has to stop chasing his losses. He has to know to chill and take a back seat. You are playing against a computer created by several top-rated computer specialists and programmers; you don’t expect to win every time. Therefore, it is advisable for punters to choose their battles wisely and sometimes accept defeat. If you do not stop chasing your losses, the probability of you losing heavily is very high. Chasing your losses in virtual football betting usually result to even more losses. The best way is to stay back after a loss, think through your loss and strategize on how to bounce back strongly.

4. Target a particular market you have studied well: After a series of losses, take a back seat and study the type of markets that you can make a profit from. After you have done this, make sure you stick to only that particular market you have mastered to make an optimum profit from it. It has been discovered that people who stick to a particular virtual betting strategy make more profit from virtual football betting than people who play many markets.

5. Always back the favourite teams: In as much as virtual soccer betting is programmed on randomness and unpredictability, it has been noted that the big teams rarely lose. It will, therefore, be wise and profitable for a punter interested in virtual betting to always stick to the favourites. Although always backing favourites will rarely make you very rich, it will greatly reduce your losses.

6. Take any win: You have to note that playing virtual football betting stakes you against a programmed computer that is programmed for you to lose, therefore if you, by any chance, get a small profit, please walk away. Any win against virtual should be celebrated because virtual football won’t always favour you; it is so programmed that you can only win at most 20%. Therefore, if at any time of the day you manage to beat the system, celebrate and move on instead of falling into the temptation of wanting more.

9. Always change your strategy: The creators of virtual football betting always upgrade their system at least twice in a month; it is, therefore, not advisable to keep using one particular system because you have won money with it. You have to constantly change your game patterns to match your winnings. You may stick with a market but you can change your game. For example, if you have won with over 2.5 goals market before, you could switch to under 2.5 goals. This is because the system will not always favour the goals market every week. Therefore, you have to learn to beat the bookies at their game.


Virtual football betting is an interesting venture to delve in, however, you have to be careful not to be sucked into it and incur heavy losses. Virtual football betting is an interesting avenue to make more money in betting, but you need to learn the tricks, strategies and ways to make it your preferred way to make a profit. Be a smart gambler, not an addict.