What Are the Benefits of Joining Betting Affiliate Programs?

Despite strict legal restrictions in the sphere of offline casinos, interest in gambling has not disappeared. Such bans have a beneficial effect on the development of online casinos. As in offline, online casinos is a highly profitable business. At the same time, there is one fundamental difference between them: the owners of online casinos are willing to share profits. And they are shared with webmasters who bring players to online casinos through an affiliate program.

Betting affiliate programs are aggregators of offers from direct advertisers in the casino field. It’s one of the most profitable sphere in online, there is a lot of money in this area.

Sports betting affiliates are suitable for both experienced gamers and beginners. Using various promotional materials, you can attract players, receiving a considerable percentage of each deposit they make or the amount they lose.

Benefits of joining betting affiliate programs:

  • it does not require any cash, you can start your own business without having the initial capital for this;
  • a wide range of partner programs, you can choose the one that will meet your needs and willingness to take risks;
  • simple registration process to start making money from advertising;
  • easy earnings with the help of advertising up to 75% of a certain profit of the gaming hall from the first month;
  • the opportunity to earn money for absolutely anyone, since you do not need to study or invest money in it.

There are 4 models of betting affiliate programs:

1. RevShare (Revenue Share) is the most common model. According to it, the webmaster receives a percentage of the profit of the casino itself. Usually, this percentage varies from 40% to 75%, depending on the volume of traffic supplied. But do not forget that the players not only lose, but also win. In this case, the same 40-75% is deducted from the webmaster’s balance, but already under the minus sign. Some betting affiliate programs reset such a negative balance once a month – that is, you will not go into the minus. This factor should be taken into account when choosing an affiliate program if you want to work according to the RevShare scheme.

2. % of deposits – betting affiliate program pays a percentage of all deposits made by a player. It is the safest scheme, since the risks of the above-mentioned “minus” are no longer there. The percentage is usually in the range of 20-30%.

3. CPA model or fixed amount for player registration. This scheme has become widespread recently. By choosing it, you can receive a fixed amount per day at the time of registration of a player. They pay a lot – from 50 to 150 dollars. This type of deduction is included only for verified partners.

4. Hybrid schemes – combine CPA and one of the first two models. The rates in this scheme are usually discussed individually with each webmaster.

The nice thing is that the first two schemes allow you to earn passive income, because most of players will play constantly. It is most effective to advertise on your websites, forums and blogs. If there are no own sites, traffic arbitration is also suitable. Social networks can also be monetized with the help of betting affiliate programs.

TOP-3 betting affiliate programs:

  1. Welcome.Partners includes reliable and fast payouts, an intuitive interface and a wide selection of direct offers.
  2. Pin-up Partners offers fast registration, multiple slots from 27 global providers, reliable licensed software and detailed statistics.
  3. Gambling.pro provides free applications for traffic optimization, which is a significant advantage for webmasters.

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