What to Know If You Want to Play Sportstake Online

Sports betting is popular the world over, with millions of bettors wagering on the action each week. With the coronavirus pandemic still keeping spectators out of arenas and stadiums, many fans are choosing to liven up their favourite sports by placing bets https://nongamstopcasinos.net/non-gamstop-betting-sites/. As soccer is the most popular sport on earth, it’s no surprise that it dominates the global sports betting scene. There are many options for bettors, and in South Africa Sportstake is growing in popularity, allowing players to bet on the outcome of several games at once, for as little as R2 per wager. There are two types – Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8, with subtle differences between the two. For the uninitiated, here is some information and tips about this exciting way to bet on soccer. 

Sportstake 13

In Sportstake 13 players bet on the results of 13 matches from a range of competitions, including the EPL, Serie A, Bundesliga and La Liga, as well as the UEFA Champions League. If you manage to get 10 right you receive a prize, and those who successfully predict all 13 win the top prize. Your prediction needn’t include the scoreline, simply a win or loss for a team, or a draw. The prize money is determined by ticket sales, and comprises 50% of the total raised. 30% of that goes to those with 13 correct predictions. 


Sportstake 8

There are two major differences between Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8. The first is that there are only 8 fixtures to predict. The second is that players must predict the outcome of both the first and second half in order to win. Sportstake 8 can be played 3 times a week, with eligible fixtures announced in advance. Both Sportstake variants can be played online or in store, but bets must be placed 30 minutes before the first fixture. 

How to play

The two variants are easy to play, but the place to start is to check what games you can bet on. A list of Sportstake weekend fixtures is available online and is published on Thursdays – the weekday fixtures are published on Sunday. A single outcome selection means that you choose one result for each fixture, that is a win, lose or draw – this bet will cost you R2. If you wish to hedge your bets you can opt for a multiplay selection, choosing additional results for each fixture. This will cost you an extra R2 per combination. There is an upper limit of R2000 per bet. Sportstake ProPick is an option that lists predictions for each fixture based on statistical data, allowing you to fill out your betting form quickly and with a little insight. 

Sportstake betting tips

Gambling successfully means a combination of information, organisation, and a dose of good luck. Here are some tips to help you enjoy playing Sportstake and give you the best chance of success. 

Know your stuff

Most people who bet on sports are fans. But even if you are a casual soccer observer, knowing the game is key to making informed, accurate choices. Following the different competitions so that you know each team’s strengths and weaknesses, listening to experts and pundits on television and making note of any injuries and suspensions can help you predict successfully and win some money. There are plenty of soccer resources all over the internet to help you keep up to date. 

Manage your money

This is true for betting of all kinds – keep money you use for gambling away from money you use for rent, bills, food and everything else. Betting should be fun and treated as a form of entertainment rather than a must-win financial high wire. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, set aside a certain amount to play with and be strict with yourself – don’t exceed it! 

Be in a good state of mind

You should never place bets if you’re angry, upset or seriously stressed out. A clear head is essential to make reasoned decisions and not to overspend impulsively. Soccer goes hand in hand with a few beers, and often people like to have a flutter after a couple of pints. While this is fine, gambling while drunk or under the influence of anything is generally to be avoided, as it leads to reckless decisions. 

Stop and ask for help 

Gambling addiction is one of the most serious and destructive addictions going. Not only does it ruin the gambler’s life, it can destroy their family both emotionally and financially. If you feel that you have a gambling problem, stop betting immediately and seek help. There are many resources that can help you which are just a click or a phone call away. Be safe. 

Sportstake offers an exciting way to place bets on soccer in South Africa. With a bit of know-how, some research and a dollop of luck, you could be quids-in!


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