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Following Tottenham’s third straight loss in six games, what exactly is going on in
Tottenham? We have a look.


Lack of signings, lack of depth.
Tottenham did not sign a single outfield player before the transfer window was shut. Mauricio
Pochettino was basically happy that he did not lose any of his core players, the same set of
players that finished third in the 2017/2018 season. That being said, there are certain
specific areas on their team that would need able and capable replacement. A player like
Christian Eriksen has no back-up and his absence through injury would deprive Tottenham a
lot of creativity. A player like Harry Kane – in as much as he is out of form at the moment –
cannot afford to be benched because his replacement, Fernando Llorente, is at the tail end
of his career and is not as mobile and threatening as he once was.
One other mitigating reason for this could be that the funds available for new signings are
currently being channelled into building their new stadium. Are we looking at Arsenal all over

Tactical changes..
It is quite understandable that Managers chop and change their sides, sometimes due to the
opposition and sometimes to keep their players fresh. What may be difficult to understand is
when a Manager chops and changes his side that are already used to winning games and
especially since the new season is still in its early stages. The most notable ones came after
their thrashing of Manchester United at Old Trafford (the result was not proportional to the 3-
0 win by the way) when they went to play at Vicarage Road against an unbeaten Watford
team at the time. Reverting to a back five from a back four against Watford and Manchester
United was ultimately not beneficial to the team. Also, set-pieces have played huge parts in
their losing games. For a team that is known to be very stingy at the back, they have been a
bit under par defensively. They have conceded goals via set pieces against Watford (twice),
Liverpool (once) and Inter Milan (once). That defensive set-up for free-kicks and corner kicks
need to be sorted out if they are to get out of this mini-streak.

It is not just a coincidence that Tottenham Hotspur has not won a game since Hugo Lloris,
their captain, sustained injury. Unfortunately, there is no said date for his return.
Also Dele Alli is also injured and these injures to two core players will definitely tell on the
overall team performance, especially in big games.
Lastly, there is the fact that Harry Kane, one of the best strikers in Europe, has not yet hit the
form he is renowned for. We were all happy for the “August curse” that he broke in August
(kudos if you guessed the month correctly). However, he has not been at his most influential
for Tottenham so far. Rumours have been emerging that he has not fully recovered from his
last injury. That is the more reason it is shocking that no single player was signed to at least
cover for him since the last serious injury he had was last season.

Ultimately, Tottenham need to sort themselves out as soon as possible. They have
overachieved for a couple of seasons but expectations have been set for them regardless
and they are not currently meeting them.

Posted by: Abiodun Motunrayo

Twitter: @amesmaniac

Email: [email protected]