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Today: Tue, 25 Jun, 2024
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Today's Football Predictions and Tips

Featured Matches FT Expert Tip Score
1 1 DNB (HT) 0 - 0
1X UNDER 12.5 CORNERS Statistics
OVER 2.5 OVER 2 Statistics
Brazil vs Costa Rica
1 1 0 - 0
1X 1 DNB 2 - 0 AWARDED
Peru vs Canada
UNDER 2.5 UNDER 3.5 ? - ?
OVER 2.5 OVER 2 3 - 2
1 1 ? - ?
OVER 2.5 OVER 1.5 1 - 1
1X 1X ? - ?
Booster Tip new

Predictions Compiled by Expert Prime

ACCA Odds: 7.89

Today's Other Sports Predictions and Tips

Sport Featured Matches FT Prediction / Odds Score
Tennis 2 2 HH ? - ?
Tennis 2 1ST SET: UNDER 12.5 ? - ?
Tennis 2 1ST SET: UNDER 12.5 ? - ?
Tennis 1 1ST SET: OVER 8.5 ? - ?
Tennis 2 1ST SET: UNDER 10.5 ? - ?
Tennis 2 1ST SET: UNDER 10.5 ? - ?
Tennis 1 1ST SET: OVER 8.5 ? - ?
1 1 HH ? - ?
1 OVER 21 ? - ?
1 OVER 21 ? - ?
Booster Tip new

Predictions Compiled by Expert Kaka

ACCA Odds: 6.15

Betensured Today’s Matches Predictions

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We don’t just give you tips using guess work, we predict using our trusted human-influence free algorithm that integrates the numerous factors that could influence the outcome of a match, which we have grouped into two layers of data; primary and secondary layers. These primary factors include statistics factoring in events like a team's average number of goals, the team's performance, and other events as well. On the other hand, contrasting the primary factors is the secondary data which consists of variables like the team’s style of play, key player suspensions, injuries, and other things as well.

Betensured prides itself as a top football prediction website that guarantees accurate football predictions on any market available however we don't just make predictions as experts, but we also predict at sports-lovers, and it is this passion that propels us to always be available to provide the correct information to you, on all the matches that will be played today.

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