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Betensured is currently accepting guest post. If you write insightful, quality post and would like to be featured onthe most popular then you are at the right place.

Because we get more submission than we can accept, following the guidelines below will give you an edge

Here are some of our guidelines:

  • Read our blog: We are a sporting website with deep interest in the gambling industry. Read our site to get a sense of what we publish.
  • Write for sport lovers: Our audience are people who are intersted in sports news, analysis, trends and tips.Address their pain point and you are likely to get accepted
  • Make it long enough to engage our readers: Even though we do not have a specific length, make sure you cover the intent behind the article. Ask yourself, why would someone want to read this piece. Now answer that in your article.
  • Self Disclosure is king: We accept links within the body of your article but we reserve the right to remove links to product, services page and any other link we feel does not do justice to the content. If you worried about link placement, we probably are not your target platform
  • Include Images: Make your content appealing
  • Self promotion: Self promotion is good but when you over do it, it spoils everything for everyone. Be thoughful.

If you think you meet this guidelines, then we love to hear from you. We accept both pitches and completed articles but sending in your pitch first ensures we will not be wasting your time.

Ready to contribute to betensured? Send your pitch to [email protected]