4 Top Spribe Aviator Game Tricks and Tips

Aviator changed the gambling market in 2019, took it by storm, and remained the most popular attraction in online casinos. The title started a wave of similar “crash type” products. To 2023, various developers made somewhat of 100+ games and counting. The top examples are collected on the https://aviatorgamble.com/ site.

Why is it so popular? Aviator is straightforward and keeps players in constant waiting for results. The window for making decisions is quite small, only 5 seconds. So, you need to react fast, and then you need to watch, then again, think fast to predict when it’s better to tap the Cashout button. 

While it’s quite simple, it doesn’t cancel strategies. You can improve your gaming sessions with certain tactics in selecting stakes and reaction time. These strategies don’t promise 100% wins. But they can improve your Aviator real money playing, giving you room for better decisions. 

Let’s learn more about tips and tricks to play like a pro in Aviator.

Decide On a Bankroll

The hard truth of gambling is that you can’t always win. Aviator shows it especially clearly with its unpredictable flights off with random multipliers. 

It leads to an important rule: you must stop in time in most cases to stay within your budget. The Forex trader rule suits the Aviator: you don’t need to win 100%; you need to minimize losses. 

When determining the budget, it’s better to answer the question: How much money can you lose without consequences? The gaming fund should be composed of free money, no credits, no bill payments, no family insurance, et cetera. You got the point.

Now, the budget can be allocated to different stake amounts:

  1. Flat strategy: equal bets in all rounds. Say, 1% of the budget in any circumstances.
  2. Positive progression: you raise stakes when won and return to a base bet when lost.
  3. Negative progression: you might raise bets when lost and return to a base one when won.

Moreover, if you play Aviator on KTO, you’ll note it has 2 panels for 2 stakes, and they can be controlled independently. It gives you a spread that you can set as you like to hedge betting.

Watch Statistics

Use game history to learn more about the game. Each online casino has Aviator today, but if you compare several sites, you’ll see they have different patterns. The pattern is how often a plane hits high multipliers and which coefficients happen most often. 

Aviator has a round history can be seen at the top of the game field. It collects all coefficients that happened while you’re playing it, and you can watch it in real time. Moreover, it has a button; tap on it to see the full history. 

Also, the title has a menu at the left or under the field. It has 3 tabs: Al Bets, My Bets, and Top:

  1. The All Bets tab shows the total number of the stakes made at the moment, and also you can see the previous hand here (tap the Previous hand button).
  2. The My Bets tab shows your wagers: date, bet amount, and the exit multiplier of each round. You can copy it for chat (tap the button with a bubble icon) and demonstrate it to friends or casino support. The shield icon shows the Provably Fair proof of the transparency: seeders, seeds, and hash numbers.
  3. The Top tab includes the biggest wins and highest multipliers in a day, month, and year. Here you see bet amounts, coefficients, and the won sum. It can also be copied for a chat. 

The dataset is enough to understand which strategy you should implement in Aviator to win more.

Check the Selected Strategy in Fun Mode Aviator

Always test your strategy in the demo mode, be it Martingale or specific settings for Double bet. It’s free; it doesn’t require signing up in a casino. So you don’t need to deposit or register to test Aviator on the selected site. 

What to look for:

  1. Watch the statistics. 
  2. Analyze how profitable your strategy is. 
  3. How often do you get high multipliers?
  4. How much money is on the balance at the end of the day?
  5. Does it lag on the selected gaming site, et cetera.

The Fun mode is your best friend when you need to grasp the game. It’s especially true for Aviator, where you have to be fast to be a winner.

Keep Volatility Low

Aviator is developed in such a way that if you play long enough, you’ll lose all your money. So it’s better to make short sessions and always exit in a planned time (though we know how challenging it is). 

You’ll never be able to predict the game exactly because it uses RNG, Random Number Generator. You can get an idea of your odds if you check the statistics. 

It’s better to implement the Double bet option. For example, one stake is autoplay, a medium-risk strategy, and another is manual on a high-risk strategy. Meaning:

  1. You control the 1st panel automatically, having the autoplay settings work on the low coefficients. So that bet generates a more or less stable income. It’s small but goes almost every round.
  2. The 2nd panel is manual, and you hunt the highest multipliers, tapping the Cashout button when you see huge numbers. Or, it also can be on autoplay but with high settings. 

Don’t risk too big bets to catch too big multipliers. Aviator is wonderfully random; you never know which number will be next. But don’t stop on too low numbers, so the profit won’t be enough to cover spending. Remember, it’s a Double bet, meaning double spending of your budget.

I hope the guide was helpful to you. If you have questions, please let me know. Together, we’ll solve any problem. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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