Best Roulette Games to Play on Mobile Games

What are the best online roulette games for mobile devices?

Roulette is among the most popular casino games and is played all over the world. For example, online roulette in India has at least as many players as other countries, and most of these players try their luck using mobile devices. However, if you are playing on mobile, the game needs to be designed accordingly in order to get the best possible experience. Here, we will talk about the best online roulette games that have been developed considering the unique features of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. 

The Mystery of “Mini” Roulette 

Almost all roulette games developed for mobile start with the word “mini”. In other words, nearly all of them are called “Mini Roulette”. This is because their wheel designs are different: the wheel is smaller and for the same reason, the game table is half the size of the original game. This is because these games are designed to fit perfectly on the small screens of mobile devices. So, the word “mini” is simply used to refer to the size of the game area.

Just like their names, the design, gameplay, betting options, and payouts of these games are the same. The only thing where they differ from each other is their graphics quality and interface. Additionally, some may also include special side bets. However, if you learn to play one, you can also play the others: in this respect, we can say that they create a new variant of the game.

Below we will explain in detail how they differ from other variants and how they are played, but let’s share our list first. Among the many options, the best online roulette games to play on mobile are the following: 

  1. Tiny Roulette by InBet Software
  2. Mini Roulette by Spribe
  3. Mini Roulette: Less Numbers Bigger Wins by Playtech 
  4. Mini Roulette Low Limit by Netent
  5. Personal Mini Roulette by Smartsoft Gaming

The Features of the “Mini” Variant

Whether it is online roulette for US players or any other region, all games of this variant have the same features: 

  • The wheel has 13 numbers in total and there is a single zero pocket.
  • There are no low and high bets. For the even money category, you only get red/black and odd/even.
  • The “dozen” bet is cut in half: it only covers 6 numbers and pay 1:1.
  • Straight, split, street, corner, and column bets are still there, so inside bet options are the same. That being said, they pay much less: the max payout of this variant is 11:1, instead of 35:1.
  • Most of the games use the “La Partage” rule: if the outcome is zero, players lose their bet get half of their wager back. This is surprisingly effective in the long run, as it increases the RTP rate. 
  • And, for the same reason, the overall RTP rate of this variant is the same as European roulette – 97,30%. (Note that in games that do not use the La Partage rule, the RTP can be lower, around 96,00%.)

And, of course, the interface is designed with mobile devices in mind: the buttons are bigger, and the wheel & game table are placed on different screens. You can see the wheel or the game table on screen, not both. You can also spin the wheel with your fingers, as most are designed to support touch controls – this will give you a more immersive experience.

The mini variant is much more convenient to play on mobile and does not differ from the European variant of roulette in terms of payout potential. Since there are less outcomes on the wheel, it is also possible to say that the payment frequency will be more satisfactory, especially when you choose even money bets. This won’t make a difference in the long run, of course, but it can make short-term gaming sessions more enjoyable.


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