7 Must-Have Points to Analyze Before You Sign Up at a Casino

Choosing an online casino is an important and responsible decision. The user must be aware that he or she is choosing a resource to which he or she must entrust not only his or her own money, but also personal information. In addition, you should choose a project from which you can confidently expect some kind of return. The authors of this article have analyzed the existing factors that influence the decision of players and have highlighted seven main points that should be analyzed before registering at a casino.

#1. Legal Status

The issue of legality in modern online gambling should be considered from two angles: national and international. The fact is that even if the casino has an international license (Malta, Curacao and others), it does not necessarily mean that the project is legal in a particular jurisdiction. Therefore, the first thing a player should do before registering is to find out the peculiarities of domestic policy regarding online gambling.

If there are no special restrictions in the country’s law, you can proceed to verify the license. To do this, it is necessary to:

  • Find a clickable label or link to the document on the casino website.
  • Go to the license page and check who it was issued to and by.
  • Check if the document is expired (if so, it is equivalent to its absence).

For quick access to the sites of popular online casinos and then check whether they have licenses is recommended to use the portal Online Kasyno Polis, where they publish up-to-date and reliable information.

#2. Game Collection

The game selection is the next important point that needs attention when analyzing a casino. Such a review should be done from the following angles:

  • Variety of genres;
  • Number of games;
  • Personal preferences.

The variety of genres refers to the availability of Slots, Instant Games, Table Games and Live Casino. The number of games and regular updates of the assortment is an indicator that the casino management cares about its players and tries to attract their attention. In addition, this indicator provides the possibility of choice. As for personal preferences, it is not difficult to understand that it is much more pleasant to play games that you like.

#3. Bonus Program

Nowadays there are hardly any casinos that do not offer bonuses to newcomers and registered players. Such projects simply cannot withstand the fierce competition that exists in the field of gambling. Therefore, players are left to simply choose the best offers for themselves. The main points that should be paid attention to when analyzing the bonus program of the project:

  • Variety of promotions: Deposit & No Deposit Bonuses, Cash & Free Spins, Cash Back & Tournaments.
  • Wagering: rate (coefficient), conditions, withdrawal limits, game limits (wagering is not available on all games).
  • Availability: some casinos differentiate the bonus program according to the player’s activity level and status.

It is also recommended to check casino review sites. Many of them offer promo codes to get bonuses for signing up. Such offers empower players and are worth taking advantage of.

#4. Deposits and Withdrawals

Before registering, the player must familiarize himself with the financial policy of the casino. First of all, you should make sure that the project offers payment methods that are suitable for the user. And it is desirable that there are several such ways, which will allow you to use a “backup option” if necessary. If suitable payment methods are available, you can perform other checks, namely

  • Minimum deposit and withdrawal limits;
  • Time frames for crediting the account and processing withdrawal requests;
  • Maximum deposit and withdrawal limits;
  • Any taxes and commission fees.

To get the most reliable information, you can read reviews from other players who have already deposited and cashed out at the chosen online casino.

#5. Available Platforms

An important factor in choosing a casino is also the availability on different platforms. According to this criterion, three types are distinguished:

  • Web-based;
  • Download-based;
  • App-based.

The latter type of platform is divided into two types – Android and iOS apps. When choosing according to this criterion, you should consider your personal skills. It all depends on the device from which you plan to play in the casino. The optimal option – projects that offer users several different platforms. We would like to add that you should make sure that not only the option you are interested in is available, but also that the website or app works well on your device.

#6. Security and Privacy

The protection of personal data and money in players’ accounts is another important aspect to consider when choosing a casino. Reliable casinos use different types of data encryption to ensure the safety of users. The most important protocols are Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Explaining the essence of such protection to the average user can be as follows: the information that can be read is transformed into an unreadable “puzzle”. And the degree of complexity is such that it can be decrypted only with special keys, access to which is open only to the security service of the project.

#7. Casino Reviews

The opinion of other players is the final stage of checking the casino before registering. Familiarizing yourself with reviews will help you get answers to the remaining questions. Also, in some cases, they will supplement the missing information on already analyzed points. It is recommended to read reviews in independent sources. In this case, before reading them, you can look for information about the reliability of the selected site with reviews.

After you have done all the checks and made sure that the casino meets your requirements, you can proceed to registration.


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