Are we in the age of Manchester City dominance?

For fans of English football, it’s impossible to deny that Manchester City have been setting the standard in recent times. Particularly since Pep Guardiola’s arrival, the Citizens have consistently topped the rankings, barring the odd anomaly. Pep’s immense coaching ability, coupled with the talent they have at their disposal, continues to shine through. But could this dominant force be disrupted anytime soon? 

While it might not feel like it for fans of the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United, football tends to move in cycles, just like it has shifted from Manchester United to their city rivals. In the same way football fashion evolves and gamers go from playing classic football games to exploring modern-day options like the best football slots, such as Football Fortunes and other popular football games in today’s environment, like Football Manager 2023, Manchester City won’t always be the team other clubs fear. Here’s why below. 

Guardiola’s departure will change things 

After winning the club’s fifth Premier League title in six years following Arsenal’s 1-0 defeat at Nottingham Forest and the Gunners’ overall capitulation at the crucial stages of the season, many fans of the beautiful game were left feeling a tad deflated. Another City title win was eventually a foregone conclusion once again, leaving fans of the bigger clubs in the league wondering just how Pep Guardiola’s side can be stopped, particularly given their financial muscle and his undoubted coaching ability. The obvious answer to this ongoing concern is Guardiola’s potential departure, with the former Barcelona and Bayern boss tending to move on from clubs once a project is deemed complete. Should City deliver the treble and see off Inter Milan in Turkey, then Guardiola could therefore leave after delivering an unbeatable achievement. Failing that, the astute tactician could exit next season, particularly if another league title is secured. Make no mistake about it, though, once Pep Guardiola departs Manchester City, the Premier League will be wide open again. 

Newcastle are coming

Another notable reason why Manchester City’s period of dominance could eventually wane is due to the project unfolding at Newcastle United. While it’s in its relative infancy, early signs suggest that the Toon Army can realise their potential and reach the very top of the pile in the near future. Let’s not forget that PIF, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund who have recently purchased the club, have assets worth around £320 billion, which puts them well clear at the top of football’s rich list. Whether or not Eddie Howe will be there for the foreseeable future remains to be seen, but with or without him, Newcastle are capable of halting City’s dominance. 

City could face charges 

Although people are salivating at Manchester City’s swashbuckling performances on the pitch, there is something potentially horrifying unfolding off it that could ruin everything. After being accused of more than 100 violations of the Premier League’s financial regulations, severe punishment could also put a stop to the blue side of Manchester’s supremacy. Of course, it’s unclear what exactly will happen to the club, but a points deduction or even a relegation could see one of the challenging clubs, be it Manchester United or the aforementioned Newcastle United, taking over.


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