How to Make a Quality Prediction for a Euro 2024 Match Without Relying on Experts and Tipsters

You can guarantee that the tipsters will be out in force come Euro 2024. The tournament, which begins on June 14th in Germany, will feature more than 50 games and for punters, that will involve plenty of forecasting and betting planning. But should tipster insights be included in the research?

Watch any football match on TV and you’ll have three pundits with three very different opinions and views about an incident in a match. Similarly, the more tips you look at for Euro 2024 betting, the more confusing it could become.

Many punters will turn to football tipsters to try and help get the best value from the UEFA Euro 2024 odds. But can you go it alone? Can you push out all the noise and hype of predictions, previews and whatever the experts have to say?

Going It Alone

There is no greater skill in sports betting than understanding what you are betting on. This can only come from research and the acquisition of knowledge. A regular punter who bets on football matches is going to be relatively clueless when looking at a horse racing betting market for the first time.

Understanding particular markets takes time, as does understanding how bookmakers work, the value of odds and even when to get the best odds. The best way to get all of that is by learning the ropes through time and persistence by yourself. If you are not already familiar with football betting, get some groundwork done.


Statistics are the key to forming a good betting strategy and for potentially exploiting opportunities in the Euro 2024 betting markets. Everything you would do for a regular week of Premier League football, for example, start doing for Euro 2024.

Look at head-to-head records, current form of teams, and also results from previous tournament editions. Check for nuanced things like how well host nations have performed in opening matches, or how often a host nation has reached the Final. The key is to look for patterns and trends that you can pull from all the noise.

Instead of just relying on what a tipster is saying about an upcoming match, look for yourself and judge what the statistics and analysis are telling you. This is the basis of your betting and should be done before ever looking at a tip, as you will get an unbiased canvas to work from.

Beyond the Statistics

The black-and-white statistics paint a picture of what should happen, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will. There are surprises and upsets in football, which makes the game so great, and tipsters can get tripped up by this.

Statistics won’t tell you what the team line-ups are going to be for the day. It won’t portray tactics either, nor playing conditions. So you are looking at other factors like news and team-sheets to try and piece together part of the puzzle.

Think in-Play

In-play betting is a great way to approach Euro 2024 betting. International football can be a bit more methodical and slow-paced than club football. So it can be a good idea to have your preferred bets lined up before the start of a match, but don’t bet.

Wait for 10 or 15 minutes of the match to go by, which should give you enough time to assess the teams and their tactics, before assessing whether the planned bet still looks viable. More often than not, you will also get better odds than pre-match.

Expect to Fail

You can’t win every bet – nobody does. But you can mitigate risk by not falling into traps like playing big accumulators or snapping up enhanced odds offers on a treble that an ambitious tipster has released.

Keep bets simple. There’s nothing wrong with good solid markets like the Match Winner, Over/Under 2.5 Goals and Both Teams To Score. Smaller profits earned more frequently is the correct approach for football betting at the European Championships.

Are Tipsters Bad?

By leaning on tipsters, you box yourself in where you may never explore other possibilities. But they can be a very good source of information and can get you thinking. It’s possible to read one and see an important stat in there that you may not have taken into consideration.

But the bets you place shouldn’t be what a tipster has told you. Tipsters can reinforce what you think, but by doing the legwork of deep analysis yourself, you will be able to look back and understand why something was a hit or a miss, or why the value in the market wasn’t worth taking on in the first place.


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