Choosing Casinos 🤑 without Cruks in the Netherlands🤟

How Can You Gamble At Casinos Without Cruks In The Netherlands? 

Many online casinos operating outside of the Cruks program are available for Dutch players, as seen at Cruks is a central register exclusion system that saves the details of users to limit gambling addiction in players.  

Why Some Players Seek Casinos Not Registered with Cruks 

Most players always seek casinos that operate outside the Cruks scheme. It is not surprising since some of these casinos don’t often support the standard gameplay associated with different casino games. Below are major reasons why players choose casinos without Cruks.

  1. A wide variety of options: The top reason why Dutch players prefer to gamble at casinos operating outside the Cruks program is game variety. Players who want access to various casino games, from live dealer games to card games, choose independent casinos that have no affiliation with Cruks.
  2. Multiple bonuses: When gambling with casinos that are not under the Cruks program, players can enjoy multiple bonuses. There are no strict requirements needed to participate in bonuses offered by game providers. 
  3. No self-exclusion restrictions: Dutch players also choose platforms that are not registered with Cruks to prevent self-exclusion. 

Identifying Reliable Casinos without Cruks for Dutch Gamblers

The presence or absence of a Cruks affiliation does not affect the reliability and safety of a gambling platform. The aim of the Cruks program is to prevent players from gambling addictions. 

When choosing a casino without Cruks, it is essential to consider its reliability. Many non-Cruks casinos are available. Below are tips on how to choose a reliable one. 

  1. Check for licensing and certifications: The first step to identifying a reliable casino is to check for licenses, including fair gambling certifications. A trustworthy casino will display their licenses on their website for users. These licenses should come from verified bodies like the Dutch Gaming Authority and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). 
  2. Assess overall security: Evaluate if there are security measures, such as SSL encryption, to protect players’ information. You can identify a secure website by looking for a padlock icon close to the address bar. Also, choose websites that have an “https” address, where “s” means SSL certificate. 
  3. Read independent reviews: You can determine the reliability of a casino by checking complaints and reviews by other players. Also, pay attention to areas like customer support availability, game fairness, and payout speed. 

Legal Considerations and Implications of Gambling Outside Cruks 

The Kansspelautoriteit regulates online gambling in the Netherlands to ensure operators are fair and users are protected. To protect users, the body introduced the Cruks framework, which is based on the player’s Citizen Service Number.


Playing at online casinos that are not registered with Cruks has its advantages. Some of these include multiple games and the lack of stringent rules. When choosing a casino, always evaluate its reliability by checking for licenses, certifications, and positive reviews. 


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