Four Smart Ways to Bet on the Premier League

The Premier League is one of the most heavily bet-on sports leagues globally, and for good reason. The influx of billions of pounds not only boosts the clubs’ finances but also provides a lucrative opportunity for bookmakers and bettors alike. Coupled with the thrilling matchups the league offers each and every week, it’s no wonder the top tier of English football enjoys immense popularity.

The 2023/24 season is shaping up to be a thrilling one, with the top three teams currently separated by just two points. The next three months will reveal the ultimate victor. As it stands, Liverpool and Manchester City are the top contenders for the title, with Arsenal a distant favourite in the eyes of both the bookies and neutrals watching along.

Despite the fact that they are currently in second place, websites providing betting on sports have made the reigning champions Manchester City the odds-on favorite for the title. With a Bet365 bonus code, it’s possible to get up to $150 in free bets upon sign up, bets that can be used to back the Blues at odds of 11/10. However, it won’t be a sure-fire triumph for City, especially considering the fact that they have to juggle both the Premier League and the Champions League, a worry that Jurgen Klopp’s Reds do not share.

In today’s vast array of betting options, we’ve streamlined the choices for you. Here are three key areas worth exploring every weekend.

If a Heavy Favourite is Out of Form, Take the Underdog With a Handicap

Occasionally, the favourites experience periods of poor form… Manchester United, we’re looking at you. This could be down to an absence of a crucial player due to injury or suspension, or simply because the team are not been performing at their best.

This presents an opportunity for you to act, as the underestimated team often has more strength than the odds suggest. By betting on the underdog to either secure victory or at least steal a point, you are well positioned to take advantage of any shock results.

Favourite Falls Behind, Bet On Them To Win In-Play

The Premier League is famous for its ability to spring surprises. If a top team is unexpectedly trailing in the early stages of a match, the live betting odds for them to turn the game around and grab all three points can rapidly increase. This moment can be taken advantage of as top teams are expected to push harder in the second half. If they are of high quality, the chance of a comeback is a very real prospect.

Corners Present Opportunities

When a top-tier team competes against a team facing relegation or languishing in the bottom half of the table, the difference in skill leads to a one-sided match in both possession and territory. This discrepancy is mirrored in corner handicap markets, where you bet on a notable difference in corner kicks between the teams.

The superior team will often push for offensive chances and pile on the pressure, leading to a higher number of corners in their favour. Anticipating this can bring on valuable betting options. If you’re feeling more conservative, you can take the team to win the corner match bet at relatively small odds. If you’re looking for a bigger windfall, bet on them with a handicap.

Avoid European Contenders Like the Plague

European contests can strain Premier League clubs, resulting in altered line-ups, fatigue, and occasional surprising outcomes in the competition. When those matches take place away from home, sometimes in lands as far away as Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, the toll they take on players both mentally and physically is often hard to overcome. As such, it’s common for teams to underperform in their local league following midweek Champions League or Europa League clashes.

However, there are exceptions to this pattern, notably the top two teams. Manchester City boasts such depth that they could field two competitive starting lineups capable of winning the Premier League. On the other hand, Liverpool are competing in the Europa League this season, a competition they might triumph in even without deploying their strongest squad. But for the likes of Arsenal, West Ham, Aston Villa and Brighton, avoid them like the plague after they have given their all on the continental stage.


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