How to tell whether a betting site is reliable or not

Sports betting is an exciting activity that may become a stable income. Sure, before becoming a successful professional bettor, you have to undergo a difficult path and learn a lot. At the same time, there’s no guarantee that it is possible for everyone to achieve such a high level. But you’ll never know until you try. It doesn’t matter if you are just going to play for fun or are striving for more, the first step is to register with a bookmaker.

Choosing the right site is not easy due to the abundance of offers nowadays. Everyone wants to have security assurances, and this is understandable. For any gambling platform, a license is required. But even the best betting websites do not always fully comply with the laws of countries in which they operate. This is due to the peculiarities of the gambling market regulations in a particular state.

In many countries, a local license is required. Sites that have received such permission operate completely legally. Their clients are under the protection of a local regulator and may not worry about non-payment or other gross violations. Another category is bookmakers with an international license. Formally, residents of the country are not forbidden to play on such sites, but their activities may be limited  in every possible way by the state. You may constantly face blocking, restrictions on withdrawing money, etc.

What to consider when choosing a betting site

It may seem that the choice is obvious. You want to play only on platforms licensed by the state. But there are several points that make the situation not so clear:

  • there are not so many offices with a local license (serious betting shops often do not want to overpay without the guarantees of transparent conditions);
  • some international sites have proven their reliability and honesty over the years of flawless work in the local market;
  • in legal betting shops, the age limit is usually higher (21 instead of 18) and they mandatorily levy tax on winnings.

Given these factors, limiting the list of best betting sites to state-licensed bookmakers is not entirely practical. How to identify a reliable international platform? In this situation, the ratings of the best bookmakers compiled by well-known gaming reviewers can help.

Each company is evaluated according to a variety of criteria. The reputation among the gamblers, the quality of website and mobile application, the line and coefficients, the ease of replenishment and the speed of withdrawal payments are taken into account. Equally important are the conditions of the bonus program. Of course, any analysis is subjective. To get the most complete impression of the office, you should study several ratings where it is reviewed.


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