Leclerc and Ferrari going separate ways?

Charles Leclerc has repeatedly stated that he wants to take a driver’s championship with Ferrari. However, he is obviously disheartened by the inability of the Scuderia to present a competitive car. And in the equation above, the first part takes precedence over the second. 

The debate in all sports betting blogs is whether he will break his contract with the Italian team and get into an agreement with Mercedes. In fact, it is not a secret anymore that he is in negotiations with the German manufacturer.

The problem

At the beginning of the season, SF-23 was presented as a very improved model that could battle the main adversaries Red Bull. However, when it came to the first three races of the season, it proved not just lacking. 

A marginal 7th place is the only thing they have to show for it, while problems in the electrical unit and the lack of pace along with the complexity of the car, have shown that it is not capable of competing with neither the Mercedes W14 nor Aston Martin AMR23. 

Furthermore, the crisis in the relevant Scuderia department has led to the departure of many of the top mechanics of the team. 

All of the above have made the Monegasque reluctant to accept any offer by Ferrari to extend their contract, which expires in 2024. 

While no such negotiations have officially begun yet, Leclerc has made it clear that before he makes any decisions, he wants to see the outcome of the upgrades that the team wants to bring at Imola’s grand prix at the end of May, the developments in the mechanical department and the total potential of Ferrari as a team.

The options

Based on all of the above, Charles does not think that it is unreasonable to explore what proposals are at his disposal. The Italian press is certain that he is already considering Mercedes’ offer to replace Sir Lewis Hamilton when his contract is terminated at the end of 2023 (and assuming that the Brit will not extend it). 

As it appears, Leclerc can demand the dissolution of his contract with Ferrari, if by September a certain number of points has not been accumulated, or if Scuderia is not amongst the first 4 manufacturers.

However, this scenario is based only on the premise that Hamilton will retire at the end of 2023 as he has stated in the past, or that there can be an exchange that takes the Brit to Ferrari so that Leclerc can go to Mercedes. It is even valid even if Sir Lewis goes to another team. Needless to say, the Italian press considers the whole notion as a rather impossible one.

The developments have had an adverse effect on how all professional tipsters have been advising punters on where to place their bets. It is not a question of whether the Monegasque is a capable driver. He has proven that time and again. If he is given a car that matches his abilities, he will challenge Max Verstappen seriously. 


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