The Core Benefits of Using PayID in AFL Betting

Utilizing PayID for Efficient Money Management in AFL Betting

With online gaming and sports betting sectors continuously soaring upwards to higher levels of success, AFL (Australian Rules Football) also expands its territory of power. Seeing its acceptance and rising demand among people, online casinos grasped the opportunity by offering AFL as a betting option.

Today, you can come across many Aussies who just like to wager on AFL and follow the news coming from the league. 

The AFL season, with its eventful games, is a one-of-a-kind attraction for betting fans. The many and various betting options and the unpredictability of the matches make it an intriguing entertainment to wager on. 

But what payment solutions are available for Australian bettors when it comes to AFL betting? Well, there are multiple services that perfectly meet the domestic needs of Australian players, and PayID is among the most preferable ones.

In this article, we will take a quick look at how PayID is used in AFL betting, what features and benefits it provides to its users, and how you can organize your payments at

Introduction to PayID as a Reliable Payment Service

PayID, being part of the NPP (New Payments Platform), successfully simplifies and fastens the process of depositing and cashing out funds in Australia. Just linking PayID to your bank account will let you experience the convenience of super fast and secure payments.

Benefits of PayID 

If we put it in simple words, PayID is an atypical identifier in the form of your mobile number or email address that can be used for receiving or sending money. What’s notable to remember is that one user can only create one single phone ID and up to five email IDs. Also, to be able to receive transfers, you will need to share your unique PayID. 

If you value security more, PayID won’t disappoint you in this regard as well. It adopts up-to-date security technologies and protects user data from possible hacks. 

More importantly, to ease the process of transferring funds and get rid of the risk of common mistakes, the payment provider lets you see the receiver’s name after you fill in their email address or phone number. 

Some other perks PayID provides to AFL bettors cover instant funds transfers available around the clock and easy access, as there is no need to keep in mind tangled banking details.

Drawbacks of PayID 

While it’s quite evident that PayID brings some great perks like convenience, practicality, and efficiency for payments, it still has a few minuses you may want to be familiar with. The most common ones cover the following:

  • Withdrawals Can Take Some Time to Become Effective. Even though making deposits through PayID is an instantaneous process, this may not be quite the same for casino withdrawals. Cashing out of funds is somehow a more delicate procedure as it involves a casino platform along with its terms and conditions regarding withdrawal policy. These may cover withdrawal limits, a requirement for identity verification, a minimum qualifying deposit, etc.
  • Limited Number of AFL Platforms with PayID. Even if PayID is way too convenient, not all bookies offer it in their payment systems. 

In a nutshell, smarter and simplified payments with PayID give you the freedom to wager on your favorite AFL game either from your PC or mobile phone. The deposits will appear in your account balance with lightning speed, allowing the user to utilize the money very quickly

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