The great Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi

Being appointed captain of a national cricket team is one of the biggest honors that any player of this discipline can have. At you will be able to wager on the best national sides from the entire world.

India has one of its best national teams in the entire world. As such, there are many fantastic players who want to get the captain’s job. For this reason, obtaining this role early in a player’s career is almost impossible. However, this is exactly what Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi did. He was appointed as captain of the Indian national side when he was only 21 years old. The 1xBet platform is a website that also allows its members to wager on the best captains that people can see in cricket.

A versatile player

When looking at Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s career there are many things to highlight. Probably the first of them is how versatile of a player he was, as he was capable of performing many roles on the field. Right now you can bet cricket online on 1xBet on the most talented cricketers playing anywhere around the world.

Some of the things that Pataudi could do as a cricketer were:


  • being a fantastic right-handed batsman;
  • being a spin-bowler that made batter’s job quite difficult;
  • and overall, he was a versatile all-rounder that was capable of excelling in basically any part of the field.


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A career that almost didn’t happen

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi played professional cricket between 1957 and 1970, spending his career between India and England. Before cricket matches played in any of those countries begin, you can visit – best live casino Bangladesh with great games and rewards.

In 1961, Pataudi’s career almost ended due to an extremely unfortunate circumstance. During that year, he was traveling in a car as a passenger. The vehicle suffered an accident, and as a result, a piece of glass of the windshield went inside his right eye. Many ophthalmologists checked him. However, all of them gave him some devastating news: his right eye had suffered permanent damage.

He stated that after the accident he basically saw a double image with his right eye. His first thought was that his cricket career was effectively over. However, instead he decided to re-learn how to play the sport with this problem, and played way better than other players that had both eyes in good condition. The best live casino is the one available in 1xBet Bangladesh, which can be visited while expecting some excellent cricket games featuring talented players.

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