Good morning guys and welcome to today’s episode of Expert corner.


Congratulations to Argentina and all football loving fans all over the world. The world cup on my part was fun and a huge success from the technology, upsets and Messi proving to us all again why he is regarded as the greatest player of all time. Betensured has been able to introduce the in play category for the world cup and I can say those that subscribed has a positive story to tell. I strongly advise you take the initiative too and join the train. You will not regret it because the category is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Furthermore, the Tip Genius and Genus extra category has been on fire for the past 1 week, 8 days in a row is no joke. The 1.30 rollover as well has been good with the new Expert. I’m certain one way or the other you’ve been on the good side of winning over the last week.

Club football is back in full swing guys, we are ready to make the most of the remainder of the campaign to ensure you win. Don’t forget to subscribe to

NB: I promised to let you in on a cheat code to beat the bookies and win quick and big. Here’s the thing, the free expert picks category is what a lot of people don’t pay close attention to. The football category has 10 games max while the other sports has 7 games max. Most of the time, the first 3 or 4 games of both category comes through and that’s a minimum of 1.50 to 2 odds. So it’s a cool format to bet on the first 3 matches, for about 3 days or 4 days rollover which should give a cool return. You cannot be unlucky for 365 days.

Betting is fun but Kings know when to stop. Bet what you can afford to lose and may greenluck find us.



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