How much should I bet on video poker?

Poker is one of the most popular casino games in land-based and digital casinos. It brings many customers through the doors of physical casinos via competitions and tournaments. In addition, it also attracts large-scale viewership across the globe. 

Poker world championship games are often played in some of the most luxurious casinos worldwide. Today we will look at a subdivision of the highly rated card game, video poker, and we will explore some avenues of how you can look to adjust your strategy moving forward.

Video Poker

When video poker first emerged as a popular casino game in the 1980s, many players and fans considered it a game of its own volition. This was because it stripped away some key aspects that made poker an engaging and enthralling spectacle. Implementing the latest digital design brought in a newer audience. Nowadays there is even Bitcoin video poker where you can wager with cryptocurrency.

For example, poker relies a lot on reading body language and figuring out whether or not your opponent is bluffing. If you master the art of reading another player’s body language, this is a sign that you are accustomed to playing poker. 

Video poker works differently as it relies on a digitised version of the game and drills into the raw data of what cards are drawn out. You don’t play against other players if you are playing video poker in a casino. However, if you want to play video poker online, you can choose to play against other players. Traditionally though, it has been a solo venture.

Whilst poker relies on strategy as well as the other physical elements that we discussed. Video poker is a game that is heavily reliant on strategy. A few types of video poker offer progressive jackpots and other prizes or bonuses specific to that machine. 

This is an incentivised approach to attempt to keep video poker players at the machine and spend more time gambling. This is why video poker companies design their games; accessibility and engagement are two leading factors of casino games. 

However, if you find yourself gambling more money than you can afford to lose and are chasing your losses, you must stop gambling and consult a professional who can support you. The same applies if you are trying to view gambling as a form of income and not solely as entertainment.

How Much Should You Bet On Video Poker?

When it comes to gambling amounts, there are a variety of factors to think about. We cannot tell you how much or how little you should gamble. For some people with a lot of money, a few thousand dollars a month is a drop in the ocean. However, for others on a more limited income, less than a hundred a month could be too much. 

The important thing to remember when placing your bet is that you should keep the experience fun. You should not see gambling as a form of income, and if you begin to lose more money than you can afford to, then this is a serious issue.


It is a personal choice how much you choose to gamble, and it is a figure that you should come to on your own. You shouldn’t be following guides on how to bet and how much you should bet. 

If you have disposable income, make sure any money you use to gamble is money you can afford to lose; this is the only advice regarding how much you should bet. 

Concerning video poker, the key is to enjoy your game and not focus on your wager amount. This applies to casino games, whether video poker, blackjack or roulette.

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