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Are you a football betting fan? We bring you the most popular strategies to make your football wagering successful! Check them NOW!

How practical are football betting strategies?

Sports betting is a very popular way of having fun, and football is an integral part of it. There are very few people that are into football and still haven’t put some money on their favorite team. However, if you want to start making money from football betting, you need to have a proper strategy. Chasing big winnings with huge accumulators cannot be considered a good approach as it won’t bring you a long-term profit. Having no football betting strategy is the fastest way to lose money. Therefore, in this article, we will present you with several strategies tailored for football punters.

The Importance of Football Betting Strategies

Punters who are committed to long-term success and consider football betting as a business always rely on their strategies. Nowadays, when everything is just a click away from bettors, it seems it’s pretty easy to select a winning bet. However, football betting is much more than simply taking a look at the best football betting site and placing a wager. Instead, punters invest their time in testing and creating their success plans.

Like all other kinds of gambling, football betting is unpredictable as well. Those who think that backing a huge favorite can consistently bring money are making a mistake. If football betting is that simple, then everybody would get rich from it. We have all witnessed how often an underdog can beat the odds and celebrate an unexpected win. Instead of looking just at the favorite vs underdog relation, you should consider the value of a particular bet. It means that successful punters search for games where the odds do not properly represent an outcome’s likelihood.

The main purpose of having a football betting strategy is, of course, to increase your chance of winning. But, on the other hand, it can also protect you when things are not going in an expected way. Every punter has its ups and downs, and bad streaks are inevitable in football betting, no matter how successful you are. Having a football betting strategy will help you recover and get back on the winning track. It won’t let you start chasing your losses, which is the major difference between an amateur and a professional bettor.

Of course, there is no universal strategy that suits all punters. Some are more popular than others, depending on your football betting preferences, bankroll size, and other factors. Let’s dive into details of the most famous ones so that you can use them at the best football betting sites.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is perhaps the most underestimated football betting strategy. Occasional punters usually avoid it because they consider it is very hard to understand. However, they don’t realize missed chances with this wagering strategy. We’ll try to explain it quickly.

The concept of handicap is granting a virtual advantage to the underdog team. That advantage is added to the match’s actual score to get the result valid for a handicap bet. The purpose of handicap wagers is to even the odds as much as possible on occasions when one team has bigger chances of winning than the other. How many times did you give up on placing a wager on the match between Manchester City and a lower-league side? The odds on a straight Man City win are very slim, and you didn’t find any value in that bet. However, if you think the Citizens might win by at least three goals, then you can get much more generous odds and capitalize on a handicap bet.

Thanks to the handicap betting strategy, punters can also minimize their chances of losing. Thanks to several types of handicap bets, bettors can get their stake back, or at least one part of their invested money. It is possible since the handicap margin can be set to the quarter of a number (0.25), half of a number (0.5), or a whole number (1).

Handicap betting also applies to the total number of goals, as bettors can place their wagers on whether it can be below or above the given margin. This strategy is worth considering as it provides more opportunities for selecting a winning bet. Also, handicap bets are available on all football betting sites.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is a strategy based purely on exploiting the variation of odds. As you already know, the odds vary on different football betting sites, and the point of this approach is to capitalize on those differences. Regardless of the outcome of the match, a punter would always generate profits. But, how is that possible? Let’s check the following scenario.

Suppose you want to wager a winner of the Porto vs Juventus tie in the Champions League eight-finals. The odds for Juventus to go through the next round are 1.55 at one bookie, while the other sets the odds for Porto at 3.10. If you balance your total stake properly, you can make profits no matter who wins the tie. In this case, it is enough to place two units on Juventus and one unit on Porto. Whatever the outcome is, you will get a payout of 3.10 units on a total of three units staked. Although this investment’s net return is small, and it’s the case with all arbitrage bets, the risk of loss doesn’t exist.

Punters who focus on arbitrage betting need to invest a lot of time to find suitable opportunities since they are not so easy to find. Also, to make any significant profits, you need to have a large bankroll and be very fast and precise since the odds change quickly.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is often mixed with arbitrage wagering since they share a similar principle. However, it doesn’t rely on the principle of exploiting the prices but using the free bets. Top football betting sites try to attract as many players as possible with various bonuses, including free bets.

That’s where punters search for a chance of applying matched betting strategy. You can get free bets mostly after signing up for an online account at a sportsbook. After heading to the offer, you can use that free bet to place a wager on an event while going to another bookie to make a real money bet on the opposite outcome.

For example, a punter places the under 2.5 Goals bet on the RB Leipzig vs Liverpool game using a free bet and gets the odds of 1.80. Then he heads to another bookie to make the Over 2.5 bet at the odds of 1.90. Like the arbitrage betting example above, a puter will get a payout no matter how many goals are scored. In this case, the only difference is that a punter doesn’t need to calculate stakes per each wager since a free bet is used here.

Back & Lay Betting

A “back” bet is the most common in football wagering. It means making a wager of the outcome that should happen, e.g., Manchester United to win. On the other hand, a “lay” wager is the opposite, so a punter places a bet against the outcome. Further on, bettors can trade their bets on the betting exchange websites.

Again, it is all about exploring the gaps in the odds and capitalizing on those differences. Punters should monitor the changes closely and act fast when the opportunity emerges. Similar to the examples above, you can cover all the outcomes and end up with winnings.

Price Boosts

Football betting sites run different kinds of promotions, and price boosts are one of them. Most bettors will try to gamble with that bet hoping to make money thanks to the increased odds. However, some punters will try to use this promotion as an advantage.

Again, they will search for the opportunity to cover all potential outcomes. This strategy is based on taking the boosted odds on a particular event and heading elsewhere to cover other possible outcomes. Bettors can use the possibility to place a “lay” bet or shop for odds gaps to balance their stakes. Although the returns are smaller, this strategy is a banker.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the numerous strategies for football betting. Before choosing your preferred one, make sure that it fits your wagering style. Always test different strategies first before sticking to a particular one. And after you find the one that suits you the most, make sure to get the most out of it and make football betting profitable in the long term!