The Riskiest Bets You Can Place on Football

Betting on football can be pretty safe if you know what you are doing. By carefully analyzing the chances of each outcome, you can turn your bets from educated guesses to informed decisions that can be profitable even in the long run. But betting on sports is not only about safe choices and profits – sometimes, especially if you run into an attractive special offer, you may want to take risks.

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If you want to feel like playing at a high roller casino while betting on sports, here are the riskiest bets you can place on football. 


Betting on one football match can be pretty safe. But with each subsequent bet you add to your slip, the risk increases. This is simply because it’s enough for one bet on the slip to lose, the entire slip is a loser.

Bookmakers often encourage their players to place long betting slips by applying increased odds or various bonuses to the winnings. This makes long accumulators ever more attractive – but also more risky. With them, you can experience the thrill of a high-roller bet, and a truly big win. But your likelihood of winning them becomes slimmer with each bet you add to it.

First goalscorer and last goalscorer

Will a team score in an upcoming match? You can easily predict this by looking at the team’s statistics, and their head-to-head records with their opponents.

Will a specific player score in an upcoming match? This is a trickier question, with many more variables to take into account – but this, too, can be predicted with a certain accuracy.

Will a specific player score the first goal in an upcoming match? Or will they score the last one? Well, this is when things get interesting.

Bets placed on the first or last goal scorer in a match have so many variables that not even a smart algorithm could account for them all. Then how could a mere mortal do it with accuracy? These bets are pretty unpredictable, and some of the riskiest ones you can place on football.

Correct score

Looking at a team’s statistics, especially their head-to-head with their opponents, will give you an idea about how many goals you can expect them to score in an upcoming match. Or better said, a good enough idea to predict if they will score, if they will score more than 1 goal, and so on. But no statistics can give you an idea about the exact number of goals scored in a match.

Betting on the exact score of an upcoming football match is pretty much equal to guessing. There are so many unpredictable things that can influence the final score of the match, from the weather to injuries, replacements, or even the attitude of a player toward the referee (which can turn into a red card pretty quickly).

This makes predicting the exact score in a football match next to impossible – and correct score bets very risky.

In conclusion

Want to feel the thrill of taking a risk while betting on your favourite sport? Check out these risky bets – but make sure to do it responsibly. But if your goal is to enjoy the game and maybe even make an extra buck in the process, check out our football predictions that are informed – and safe.


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