7 Most Common Football Bets and How to Win Them

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At Betensured, we provide betting tips and insights placing a safe bet for you as to maximize profits. In this blog, we will be discussing strategic ways of winning bets to become a successful bettor, through best betting options.

Understanding the concept of football betting is not the only skill required to become an expert at sports betting, rather, knowing the most effective strategies to win consecutively.

In the thrilling realm of football betting, strategic play is as crucial as the game on the pitch. Despite several favorable betting options provided by bookmakers, we can agree that most are not so effective or probably not favorable. In this article, we are bringing you the seven most common and effective football bets and how to master them for consecutive wins.

7 Common Football Bets and How to Win Them

1. Moneyline

Moneyline is a betting strategy known to be the basic step of being a bettor. This popular betting option is one of the most used betting options across all sports betting. Understanding “money line” as a betting option is no hard nut to crack.

It is a two-way betting option that requires either of the two meeting teams to win. In football, there will always be a “favorite” and an “underdog”. The terms favorite and underdog can be simplified as the stronger team and a weak team.

Tips to better utilize Moneyline betting strategy

The use of Moneyline is a wager that either of the teams is going to come out victorious. This could be the favorite or the underdog, but the best and most advisable way is wagering on the favorite as they tend to be stronger than the underdog.

But how do you spot the favorite and the underdog? Well, here is the answer. Bookies offer lesser odds for the favorite team and bigger odds for the weak team, this demonstrates win probability.

Case Study:

For instance in football, Arsenal FC is matched with Luton Town. Since Arsenal has a higher chance of winning, they are likely to be given a Moneyline odds of 1.30 decimal odds or -130 (American odds) then Luton Town with the lower chance of winning gets 15.0 decimal odds or +130 (American odds).

If you are wagering on Arsenal with $100 and Arsenal won the match, you’d be up with $130. Risking Luton Town to defeat Arsenal can fetch you $1,500 for 15.0 odds.

Keep in mind that the higher the risk, the higher the amount to be won, and the tight chance of winning. The lower the risk, the lower the money to be won and the higher the chance of winning.

2. Over/Under

After the moneyline betting option, the next on the list of the most popular betting strategies is the Over and Under betting option. This betting option has become the secret to most punter’s journey to success as it poses a higher chance of winning.

Utilizing the over and under-betting option is not difficult. In a sport like the NFL when two teams play against each other, for instance, Packers vs Rams. The oddsmaker offers specific ranges of points, then bettors can predict if the total goal for that match will be within the given point.

In this case, you are not trying to predict the actual points, instead, you are guessing the possible points to be made in the game, below or above a specific range.

Case Study:

An NFL match that features Packers vs Rams and odds maker offers a total point of either Over 47, Over 50, or Over 60. Then also an Under point of Under 50, Under 47, and 35. The bettors are to predict if the total point of the match will either be over a specific number or above.

This betting strategy is known to be one of the most profitable betting options. The trick to it is to envision the possible number of goals or points.

3. Point Spread

Point spread in sports betting events is the expected final score difference between two matched-up teams. This betting strategy is represented with a negative and a positive number. For instance, if a bookmaker offers a 5.0 point spread, it will be presented in options as -5 and +5.

The narrative unfolds: the team favored to triumph assumes the guise of the minus-number (-5), while the underdog embraces the plus-number (+5), just as it happens in Moneyline betting (American odds).

Case Study:

Picture Team A, given a 5-point favorite over Team B. For Team A, victory demands a win exceeding 5 points to claim the elusive “cover.” However, Team B, the underdog, can win the game outright or lose by a mere one or two points—no more, no less—and still emerge as the valiant “cover.”

In this case, a push occurs and you receive your money back if the game ends precisely with a final margin of five points. The book and you both lose the wager which makes your stake settled with no profit added. To prevent these ties (push), sportsbooks frequently add “the hook” (.5) to a point spread.

So in this case where the odd fraction (.5) is added to the whole number 5, for there to be a winning requires Team A to make at least 6 goals since there is nothing like a half goal in football.

4 Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap, often shortened as AH, offers a level playing field between the two teams, eliminating win or draw probability, in contrast to standard Moneyline betting, which offers just two possible outcomes: either of two matched teams to win or draw the match.

What makes Asian Handicap popular and most rated is the favorable advantage it renders, bringing a lever to a game, especially in games where it is challenging to predict whether the home team or the away team will win or draw the match.

Case Study:

Asian handicaps are typically applied at the end of a match by the oddsmaker. For example, if Chelsea is playing West Ham United, in this match if Chelsea happens to be the favorite, they will be awarded a negative AH point while West Ham United will be given a positive AH point.

If the Asian Handicap available is a handicap of 1.5 which in football soccer means two goals (since there is no half goal), Chelsea will be given negative (-1.5) odds, and West Ham United with (+1.5) odds. Betting on Chelsea is similar to point spread in the sense that Chelsea has to score up to three goals to triumph above West Ham United.

On the other hand, if you wager on West Ham United (+1.5) AH means you are giving West Ham United a two-goal advantage over Chelsea FC. If the match ends in a draw [0:0]while you wager on West Ham United, then it means West Ham United won the match by a two-goal margin on your betting slip. However, if Chelsea defeats West Ham by two to three goals, then it is a loss.

5. Double Chance (1×2 Betting)

The second popular sports betting option after the Moneyline betting strategy is Double chance.

In the aspect of double chance betting, it is favorable in two ways: choosing either a team wins, or drawing a match. This betting option is represented with 1x and x2, in light of this meaning Home-team Win or Draw, or Away-team Win or Draw. alternatively, there is either the Home team or Away team wins which is represented by the numbering (12)

This type of betting strategy gives a favorable advantage to bettors, especially for games where you are skeptical about the outcome of a match. You can wager on a double-chance betting option to keep you on the safe side of the bet.

6. Draw No Bet (DNB)

The concept of the betting strategy “Draw no Bet” refers to a betting structure in which if you bet on a team to win a match and the match ends up a tie (draw), your stake will be refunded.

You’re probably thinking this is the best betting strategy to utilize. Is that so? Haha, good catch. Perhaps you are right, but there is a little twist concerning this betting option.

In DNB betting, the favourite’s odds are usually lower than in straight-up Moneyline wagers. However, the draw-no-bet market usually increases the odds for the underdogs.

Case Study:

For example, the odds of Liverpool winning the match outright maybe 1.2 if they play Bournemouth. After that, with “Draw no Bet” odds applied, they might drop to 1.0 or below. There’s a good chance that the odds in the draw-no-bet market will be more competitive if teams in a forthcoming encounter are more evenly matched.

7.  Betting on Half | Win Either Halves

Betting on halves, especially in football and soccer, is also one of the most favorable and strategic ways of securing profit in the sense that it increases the potential of winning. Many bettors are familiar with a favorite team winning a match in the first half of the game and maybe an unprecedented event happened, probably a player was sent off (red card) or a player got injured in the second half and led to an unfortunate loss or draw.

In this scenario, if betting on halves is used, one may likely not be affected. For instance, wagering on the betting option “Win Either Half” for one of the matching Teams. If such a team wins in either of the halves wins both, or wins either of the halves and loses either of the halves, it is a win for the bettors.

Additional Tips on How to Champion the Art of Sport Betting

1. Understand the Game

Before diving into the world of football betting, it’s paramount to understand the game itself. Analyze team dynamics, player strengths and weaknesses, recent performances, and head-to-head statistics. Knowledge is the key that unlocks the door to informed betting decisions.

2. The Power of In-Play Betting

In-play betting is the game-changer for those who thrive on the pulse of live action. Witnessing the game unfold in real time provides a unique advantage, allowing bettors to make decisions based on current performance and momentum shifts.

3. Favorable Markets and Bet Types

Choosing the right markets and bet types is akin to selecting the perfect formation for a team. From the straightforward Match Result bets to the more intricate Over/Under goals and Asian Handicap markets, finding your niche enhances your chances of success.

4: Bankroll Management

Just as a team manages its resources wisely, bettors must exercise prudence with their bankroll. Implementing a disciplined approach to bankroll management ensures longevity in the game, protecting against the unpredictability that football is renowned for.

5: Spotting Value Bets

The ability to identify value bets is akin to discovering a hidden gem in the transfer market. Look beyond the obvious outcomes; seek situations where bookmakers’ odds may not accurately reflect a team’s true potential. This strategic foresight can lead to profitable outcomes.

6: Often Utilize Statistics and Data

Modern football is increasingly data-driven, and so should be your betting strategy. Leverage statistical insights, delve into historical performance data, and explore advanced metrics to gain a deeper understanding of teams and players.

7: Stay Informed on Team News

Team news is the pre-match briefing for bettors. Injuries, suspensions, and lineup changes can significantly impact a team’s performance. Stay ahead of the curve by keeping a keen eye on the latest updates and adapting your strategy accordingly.


As we conclude our exploration of common football betting strategies, remember that success in this arena is not solely about chance; it’s about crafting a strategic game plan. Just as the finest football managers meticulously plan their tactics, successful bettors analyze, adapt, and strategize. Armed with these insights, elevate your betting experience and revel in the victories that come with mastering the field. The whistle has blown; it’s time to play the strategic game of football betting like a true champion.


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