Considering the right factors for your predictions over football match outcomes

Ever wonder how great it would be to be able to accurately forecast a football match and then go about betting on that match with one sportsbook from the available list of betting companies in Tanzania or anywhere else in the world for that matter? Or, how easy it would be that a football match’s result would simply be an issue of factoring in some variables and getting a precise predictive model that would give you close-to-real chances of each team winning the game, the final score, or any other match-related outcomes? 

Well, that’d be a great way to make sure that you would lock in profits in betting, right? But then again, if that were the case it’d mean that everyone would be able to secure winnings and if it was so, then what would be the whole point of betting on sports? 

Even though every punter in this world is trying to optimize their chances of winning by being more accurate and closer to realistic probabilities of occurring match events, the truth is that if this is something that they would be able to do, the whole world of sports betting would definitely collapse. In fact, if everything were to be predicted with great precision, then sports themselves would probably collapse. 

The beauty of football -as is the case with all sports- is that it is unpredictable, fluid, dynamic, and fast-changing. And even if bettors would like it to be more easily read and more comprehensive in terms of forecasts, football fans would certainly oppose that, because it deprives the sport of its brilliance. 

And most probably everyone else -but the bettors- would resent a sport that could be just as easy to forecast as it is to say whether it’s going to rain on a heavy-cloud day. Football is about the dominance of the best and the good thing is that dominance is not a single-factor outcome. Thankfully, it is a multi-factor thing. 

Now, although being able to precisely say what’s gonna happen in a football match is not what football betting is about- and definitely NOT what a sportsbook would want-, being able to make an effective assessment of the likelihood of things happening is the most important thing generally in online sports gambling. 

Being able to evaluate those factors that play a critical role in shaping the result and factoring in the right mix of variables in each game, are maybe the best things bettors can do to improve their position against the house, whether this is a traditional sportsbook or an online bookie, like 888starz TZ

But when we are talking about football, there are so many different things to consider if we want to make good predictions. And still, if we consider them all, we won’t be able to come up with a pretty good model to make effective forecasts. Of course, today, it is much easier to, at least, create predictive models with the help of AI technology, Big Data, and machine learning systems, but to do so we need to have some basic understanding of those factors that affect football outcomes. 

Let’s see some of the most significant ones: 

  • Head-to-head meetings

Records and stats of the head-to-head matches are always a good way to start, especially as they can reveal not only past records and potential future patterns, but they can also say a lot about teams’ confidence (or lack of confidence) in confronting the opponent. A good past record of wins over a rival, makes you get in as the dominant and gives you an air of valuable confidence. 

  • Calendar and fixtures

What the teams have been doing up to now, how many matches they’ve played, how filled has their calendar been until a respective match and of course how many more there are to come, are both very critical variables to factor in our decisions. 

As we move towards the end of a league’s season, it is more likely that players will demonstrate some fatigue, but they are also more likely to be more dedicated if they are near the end, hoping to get a title. 

Also, having a big game ahead when currently playing a not-so-difficult match may imply that the players will reserve their strength for the upcoming big match. All these are very important in football because they reveal the motivation of players as well. 

  • The current form of the players and the implications of injuries

The current form of players is certainly something that everybody considers when trying to make predictions on a match outcome. The same holds true for the injuries – since we will most likely evaluate differently a game when one team’s forward for example has been injured and won’t be able to play. 

But what we should also consider is the effects or the implications that such injuries have on the wholeness of the teams. If a key player is missing, then it is likely that the whole squad’s confidence is low or that the fear of changing the lineup will dominate their devotion to winning. A key player being out of the squad can cause imbalances in the team, which go beyond the mere fact that the player is missing. It might affect the entire squad as well. 


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