The Blocked Internet vs. the Internet without Restrictions – the New Reality

 The Internet without Restrictions – indicates that this article discusses a solution that can help avoid blocking and protect the security of your online surfing. But before we delve into the advantages and peculiarities of this service, let’s talk about Internet blocking in general and the current situation regarding this issue worldwide.

In this material, we will cover:

– Why the Internet and VPN services are being blocked and the methods used to combat this phenomenon.

– How to choose a service that can guarantee online security and anonymity.

– Advantages and peculiarities of such a service (spoiler: we are talking about the GnuVPN product).

– Features of the updated version of GnuVPN with the SoftEther protocol.

VPN Blocking in Different Countries

The Internet was created as a symbol of freedom, but it is also subject to limitations. These limitations vary across different countries, where restrictions can be minimal in some places and complete blocking of nearly all resources is possible in others. However, regardless of your location, internet censorship exists to some extent. Governments around the world spend considerable resources on developing software to effectively implement these restrictions.

A new wave of internet censorship involves restrictions on VPN usage, which has sparked disagreement among users worldwide, as it deprives them of the ability to maintain complete anonymity online and guarantees data protection from both internet service providers and third parties or regulatory authorities. For a lot of people, access to restricted content remains fundamentally important.

These are all reasons why users from different countries use VPNs, whose servers are also subject to tracking and blocking in the modern world. The technological capabilities of surveillance are constantly growing. However, every demand creates supply, and in the modern VPN market, a product appears that is capable of protecting data privacy in changing conditions and ensuring anonymity while using the Internet.

VPNs are blocked in different countries, but information about this is difficult to systematize due to the following reasons:

  • Governments and Internet service providers are not inclined to publicly disclose such actions and how they are implemented in practice.
  • There is no monitoring of these blocks.
  • The statistics are blurred by the fact that VPN blocks are not analyzed separately but are only noted as a part of the overall increased level of internet censorship in a particular country.

It is widely known that VPNs are blocked in a relatively small number of authoritarian states. However, in reality, the geography of the problem is much wider, it is just not openly discussed. Moreover, the blocking itself as a method of combating undesirable content, technologies, and service providers is not always legally justified. The average user does not want to delve into this matter, and they have nothing to counter the power of the state machine. The only solution is to search for an innovative service that allows users to continue using the Internet under desired conditions, despite enhanced restrictions.

Is it worth bypassing censorship, particularly the moral aspect of this problem? It is a question that we leave up to each individual user to decide. For the vast majority of VPN users worldwide, their top priority is their own security and anonymity when working with the internet. Many are also concerned about the consequences of using a VPN. In countries where censorship is relatively easy to bypass, the consequences of violations are typically painless. In other countries, where more serious modern technical know-how is required to circumvent internet censorship, the consequences can be more severe. However, they will not occur if you smartly choose a reliable product to bypass blocks and tracking. Such products, including the enhanced VPN service GnuVPN, are created with the belief that censorship is harmful to democracy and restricts personal freedom, while internet user security is critically important. If this thought resonates with your position, then this product is for you!

GnuVPN – your uncensored Internet today and forever

This service has proven itself excellently in changing conditions when blocks are becoming stricter. Constant updates allow you to remain secure and anonymous when using the Internet. Even before the latest update, the VPN service GnuVPN was characterized by a high level of compliance with all requirements demanded by clients, but after the update, this service can accurately be called innovative and the most relevant today.

Usually, the following requirements are presented to a good VPN service:


– Guaranteed reliability.

– Advanced functionality and adequate pricing policy.

– Security of use. A 100% guarantee that no data traces remain in the network, are not transferred, and cannot be intercepted.

– Stable connection without interruptions, 24/7 technical support.

– Excellent reputation on the VPN market.

– Speed of operation on various types of devices simultaneously. No interruptions or delays in performance.

– Quality of technical support, speed of resolving difficulties.

– Intuitive management and user-friendly interface.

– Compliance with changing requirements and regular product updates.

GnuVPN maximally met all these requirements before the latest update. For example, the service has a developed server infrastructure that can guarantee a stable connection from anywhere in the world at any time, without delays or interruptions. Thanks to modern VPN protocols, users are provided with the highest level of privacy protection. Different versions of the product with basic and advanced functionality have been developed, as well as different payment packages, including the ability to pay for services with various methods.

By the way, this factor, ease of payment, is also a priority for users when choosing a service, as not all payment methods are equally available to residents of different countries. A good VPN service accepts all existing methods of payment today, from which the user chooses the optimal one for themselves.

For example, GnuVPN can be paid for using any popular digital payment system. This can be Apple Pay and Google Pay, payment with VISA/MasterCard cards, and for a large number of users, payment via UnionPay, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies is convenient. Developers take into account the wishes and possibilities of each client to the maximum extent.

In addition, GnuVPN undergoes regular updates. We will talk more about the new version and its advantages later.

Updated version of GnuVPN and innovative SoftEther protocol

As mentioned above, external circumstances are constantly changing and restrictions are becoming stricter, which means that a VPN service must anticipate these changes and perform its function regardless of them. With this goal in mind, updated protocols and other innovations are being developed and implemented for the convenience of users.

The new version of GnuVPN features the SoftEther protocol, which provides unprecedented stealthiness of your presence on the network and browsing. This protocol was initially developed for a Japanese project, but later it was adapted as a product for VPN services. It simplifies and improves the management of your connections while ensuring maximum security. Additionally, the protocol offers high throughput, no connection delays, and stability with absolute masking. Currently, it is the best software for VPN.

One of the main advantages of the SoftEther protocol is its ability to simultaneously support multiple VPN protocols from different devices, so there is no need to create different VPN clients to securely access the network. Managing all connections is easy and simple through the GnuVPN interface. Other advantages include server architecture, server settings cloning capability, an unprecedented level of information protection, intuitive usage, and maximum reliability.

From now on, you can configure various connections in a single interface, manage them, and enjoy a secure Internet wherever you are.

With the SoftEther protocol, GnuVPN developers have truly reached a new level of security and management. Previously, different types of connections required different clients, which had to be coordinated in each separate network cabinet. Now, management has become simplified and unified. This update has been long-awaited by users as changing network conditions necessitated these modifications. Anyone using GnuVPN can now appreciate all the benefits and conveniences.

The main task of ensuring a connection that is as discreet as possible and disguised as regular traffic has been excellently achieved by the developers. User feedback from those who have already tested and evaluated the service confirms this. GnuVPN guarantees avoidance of detection and blocking, which is a key requirement for VPN users worldwide.

Reviews show that the protocol can be applied to any type of connection from any device, including standard VPN services and personal servers. There is no need to switch between clients or work simultaneously in multiple applications. The interface is clear, simple, and allows for easy management of processes.

It can be concluded that GnuVPN developers have once again successfully implemented the company’s mission in practice – providing secure and convenient Internet usage for people in different countries.

Let’s summarize the advantages of the new protocol:

  • Complete masking, no blocking or restrictions.
  • Security guarantee.
  • Ease of management.
  • Stable operation.
  • Simultaneous connection of different devices.

Test GnuVPN with SoftEther now!

If the company’s values resonate with you and you want to use the Internet freely, have an access to the information you need regardless of the country’s policies, and prioritize network security, then GnuVPN is the product that will not disappoint you.

Free GnuVPN testing is available in any country worldwide. Transparency and openness in working with clients are the core values of the development company, which is why GnuVPN has a free trial period during which you can assess all the benefits of using this service. The free trial does not obligate you to anything! However, statistics show that most testers become users of this VPN service, highly appreciating its convenience and security level.

You can start testing the product right now and personally see how effective the company’s implemented solutions are. After the trial period ends, you have the opportunity to subscribe to one of the pricing plans, which are designed for different time periods – a month, 3 months, half a year, etc. Longer subscriptions come with pleasant savings on service fees.

If you decide to pay for a pricing plan after the trial period, you can do it in any convenient way for you, as there is an optimal option for any country. You can also cancel your subscription at any time in your personal account. Round-the-clock technical support will promptly help you with any questions that arise.

You can start the trial period right now by visiting the GnuVPN VPN service page, joining the side of those who no longer need to worry about their data being leaked to third parties, malicious individuals, or controlling authorities, and becoming part of a “club” of network users who use the Internet with maximum protection for themselves.


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