10 Of the Most Common Beginner Sport Bettor Mistakes

To err is human, but erring in betting decisions can hit any human’s finances badly. Football is one of the sports where the bookmakers are constantly on the toes. There are tournaments, qualifiers, leagues and lot more to keep track of. As a betting beginner, such a huge world of opportunities may prove to be quite overwhelming. Hence, mistakes are quite likely to happen. Take a look at the most common mistakes a sport bettor makes which usually don’t occur to a beginner’s mind.

What mistakes bettors make while assigning budget to the bets?

How much money does any bet deserve? It is a question that confuses punters a lot. The common tendency is to assign budget without proper analysis. Bettors get emotional mostly towards a particular player or the team that represents their country. They, sometimes, spend all their money on the side which they want to win and don’t consider who deserves to win. Thus, it causes a lot of losses. A few of the common mistakes concerning the budget allotment are:
Putting all the money on a single bet: It makes the whole process risky and if their chosen team or side loses, they lose all the money.

Staking with no strategy: Availability of online platforms makes the betting process look click-and-go. Beginners get bought into illusion and start staking depending entirely on the luck. Yes, luck will matter, but cannot guarantee win unless you have known the sport and the contending teams’ strengths and weaknesses really well.

Staking to cover the loss: The bettors start panicking as soon as they lose money. And, the first thing they do is stake the amount double than what they lost. It is not a correct strategy and may cause double the loss instead of returning the lost money.

Giving into rumors: Inside news should be from an authentic source. The bettors tend to believe ever news piece that comes their way. Betting decisions made on such rumors can hit the financial reputation badly.

What mistakes regarding the choice of betting choices lead to losses while betting in sports?

Betting on sports is a cruel space and does not spare the bad researchers. The space is clamored by a lot of betting sites that offer innumerable offers and betting opportunities to keep the bettor engaged. But, there is a strong need to research deeper to understand the betting sites’ working. Often the bettors mindlessly stake the money on the betting site that looks good online and repent it later. Agreed, the navigation has to be simple and there must be lots of fun activities but the core offering is where the attention should be paid. Some of the common mistakes made while selecting the betting sites are:

Choosing sites that offer lots of value bets: Okay, value bets may be an easy ticket to victory, but is the bet inflated to an unusual odd really a value bet? It is the question worth pondering. Some betting sites are poor at reading the situation; others inflate the odd while adding the house advantage to it. Thus, it may hamper your intuitive as well as calculation abilities and cause a lot of confusion.

Picking sites with poor payout records: It may all seem bet and earn money kind of proposition on a shallow inspection. But, the reality may be different. Betting sites offer a lot of welcome bonuses and free bets, but their payout strategy may be tough to crack. They apply lots of conditions or put a larger threshold value as qualifying amount for claiming a payout. Further, a few sites have a very long payout processing time. Hence, your chances of winning and becoming the millionaire overnight seem impossible to materialize.

Sites that don’t excel in all sports: Some of the betting sites don’t do a great job in the options of the sports they offer to bet. Thus, it can cause a lot of losses especially when the bettors don’t have research-backed approach in mind. Since just for the sake of populating the site, the sports are included, it can cause more pain to people going for accumulator bets.

How to identify an easy bet to avoid risk in sport betting?

Betting may seem no less than a thrilling sport to some. But, it is not the case and one has to be very research-oriented and a true sucker for the sports’ details to make it big in sport betting. Always going for riskier bets by defying the odds doesn’t prove to be a good strategy. It is always good to keep an eye on easier bets. What are those bets? Let’s find out.
Over/Under Score: In the tournaments like FIFA and other prestigious ones, when the difference in goals is usually very small, it is better to pick Over/Under instead of spread bets. So, sift through the history of contending teams and find the usual scores they achieve.
BTTS: It is another easy bet where the bettors are not speculating the score but just a possibility. If the teams are strong and have arch-rivalry, and have strong forwards, there are most likely to be lots of numbers on the score board.
Prop bets: Prop bets are those that are just the speculation of a situation whether it will happen or not. Just like BTTS, one can predict during the play who will score next, or who will be shown the card next. Since the bookies and the bettors are at the same level of research during an in-play bet, the punters have equal chance at winning.


Be very much cautious if you want to stay financially safe while betting on sports. You can also subscribe to tips programs of sites like best football tipster where the tipsters do all the research for the bettors and provide them accurate tip on all ongoing matches. With the help of historical records’ and situational analysis and soccer tipster contribution, you can avoid betting mistakes and know about the best bets to try the luck.


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