The Best 5 Sports For Betting

Gamblers have strengths. They also possess weaknesses. In the realm of gambling, there are many venues that you can bet on. One of them is sports betting. If you’ve played college hockey, then it can give you an edge when it comes to betting on sports. Perhaps it is why betting on the NHL feels more natural to you. Another good example would be if your dad coached high school basketball for a long time. Or you have the most success in betting on small conference college football.

The point still stands, though: whatever works for you is something you need to stand by on. Your winning strategy is your key to success. 

What are the best sports that you can bet on, though? The answers to this question are: 


Basketball is a no-brain. You have college basketball, and there is also the NBA. College basketball, on the one hand, has plenty of built-in advantages – and it is the sheer volume of the games. There are three hundred sixty (360) basketball teams, and the majority of them actively play in conferences, with their games in regular lineups. All of the teams play multiple times a week – and this can be to your advantage.

The edge you can get from that is that you have more than five hundred (500) scheduled games to bet on. It is quite effortlessly easy to find a dozen high-value situations among all those numbers if you are diligent. It is also a gold mine. In March, you have the NCAA Tournament, so it is another gold mine. 

Another one is NBA – and it is the Thunderhome! Betting in the NBA is much easier. The League has a tendency to be nonsensical, so it is best to embrace it! One reality remains though, and it is that it is difficult to predict how motivated NBA players are on a day-to-day basis. 

However, if you study games and the lines, it is easier to figure out patterns – easier than finding needles in haystacks and fixing a slot machine online


Baseball can be quite the numbers game, as there are thirty (30) teams who are playing one hundred sixty-two (162) games. In addition, the summer can be slow for sportsbooks. As a result, it is easier to catch them snoozing because they will not be as sharp this down season. 

There are teams that cannot hit left. Beyond that, another element is the sheer volume of statistics and analytics makes it more seamless to find specific situations to use to your advantage. There are also sportsmen in baseball – there are things that they struggle with! Meanwhile, there are teams who are just, purely “awful” while they hit the road. 

With a lot of factors, it’s quite the goldmine! 


In football, you’ve got rug and tug – and a lot of action. However, National Football League (NFL) teams can feel more static in their production, especially if you pit them against college football teams. NFL spreads have a narrower range than college football spreads, making the numbers easier to read.


Lastly, is soccer. Who does not love and enjoy soccer, after all? In soccer, it is all about volume. There are plenty of leagues and hundreds of teams you can bet on for soccer. The most fun with soccer is usually the international tournaments.

Wrapping Up

In sports betting, you have to be smart. You will also have to be strategic. The volume of the teams are also another strategic factor you can utilize to your advantage.


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