Things to Look Out for this Weekend in the Premier League

With more than 40+ matches since 12th August 2023, the Premier League is all set to fly into the climax. Manchester City, Tottenham, Liverpool and West Ham have already covered the top 4 seats with hat-tricks of wins in each of their name.

That being said, there are few players, matches, or teams to look out for, where we will encounter some tough decisions which will have a huge impact on the upcoming games. Furthermore knowing these things will also help you in the Soccer Betway which is a trusted and secure platform to place your bets. 

1. Manchester City vs. West Ham United

Currently, Man City and West Ham have taken the 1st and 4th places in the league table. This is the only match between the top 4 teams for this weekend. This means the winning team will make a stronghold in the number 1 position.

If Man City loses this match there is a huge chance they will lose their top 4 position. Since Arsenal is breathing right next to them, this is a must-win game for both teams to hold their position in the top 4. 

However, that is not possible, unless Arsenal loses to Everton (Number 18 in the table ) who are not doing so well in this league. This, the Man City vs. West Ham will be the hottest showdown for the upcoming weekend.

2. Will Archer be a Trouble for Everton?

Everton and Sheffield United are moving neck with neck. Both are placed in the 18th and 17th positions in the Premier League table, so this weekend’s match for both individuals will be critical.

Besides, Sheffield United have signed several new players after their promotion in the table, which even includes England under-21 team’s Cameron Archer. He originally signed for Aston Villa but he was benched ever since his joining. 

Thus he joined Sheffield for £18 million pounds. And to everyone’s surprise, he was like a magic potion for Sheffield’s draw. He scored the opening goal at 33 minutes and helped with another one. Even though Sheffield has to face Tottenham this weekend, who are currently placed at number 2, Archer is definitely a player to look out for.

3. Guardiola’s 201st Victory

Manchester City has been doing exceptionally well in this Premier League season under the watchful eye of Pep Guardiola who happens to be their manager. Unlike Manchester United, who couldn’t replace their injured bench with the right players, City has made very good strategic decisions. 

Manchester City had to suffer frequent heavy blows of injury right from the opening night win against Burnley. Even though, they have made the use of transfer market very effectively. This helped them set a line from others, securing 4 wins in their last 4 matches. 

Their previous match against Fulham was marked as the 201st victory for their manager Pep. Thus in their upcoming match, they will most likely be the favorites to win their fifth consecutive win in this season so far.


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