Easy Guide to Predicting Football Matches Correctly

Football or soccer sports betting is one of the most fun and easiest forms of gambling to indulge in. It is easy to predict because most people who play it are sports lovers who are already familiar with match tricks.

When it comes to football betting, it can be hugely rewarding, as people who already know the magic behind a team’s potential outcomes find it easy to make millions through it.

Winning has always been everyone’s dream but sadly, many bettors find it difficult to win sports predictions. As experts in the sports betting industry, we will be discussing with you 15 tips on how to correctly predict football matches.

Below are the elements that will be covered in this article.

Although predicting football games is not an exact science, fortunately, several things may be taken into account to improve the chances of getting it right.

With tips, your success increases by 99.9% if processes are followed duly. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Master a Particular League

The key to winning relies on knowing what you are betting on. Mastering one league or two will help you study more about all teams and players’ potential. You will know which team is stronger, the average, and the weaker team.

Mastering a particular league will not only give you a good edge in making the best betting decision but also, make sports betting easy and enjoyable. 

For a start, you may choose to only focus on the Italian Serie A and English Premier League. As you get to know them much better, you can expand your knowledge of other leagues, but not too much, as this may keep you off track.

Make a Good Decision on Team to Pick

In football sports betting, you do not always have to bet on all match events. We advise you to pick some of the best teams, maybe not more than 3 – 5,  that are known to be strong and agile.

A good example is when you love to play La Liga the most and everyone is aware that Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona are the best. You may decide to pick those two as your favorite teams to bet on in La Liga, then you may pick some extra clubs like Atletico Madrid and maybe Villareal.

Analyze the Teams’ Form

Analyzing a team’s form is one of the most important factors to consider before picking any match. Analyzing gives you the statistical breakdown of both teams’ forms, which comprises how well they performed in their last 5 meetings as well as the last 5 games with other teams.

With this factor, you will have a clearer understanding, as you will be able to differentiate between a team that has been performing impressively and one that has been performing poorly.

Consider the Home Advantage

Not all the time, but it works as well. Considering home advantage, especially when the home team is the favorite, i.e., stronger than the opponent, goes a long way.

Some football players never want to accept defeat when playing in their yard unless the opponent is of similar strength. They are familiar with the stadium and the conditions, as well as having more morale-boosting support from the home fans. For this reason, considering Home Advantage is always key when betting.

Utilize the Head-to-Head Record

Furthering on statistical records of the team’s head-to-head may also provide some valuable insights when speculating betting outcomes. Head to Head information will give you insight into how much both teams scored against each other during their last meetings.

You will be able to see how much they have won, lost, or drawn against each other. Head to Head records let you know which team outpowers the other, and this is a great investment in achieving a win.

Evaluate the Team’s Tactics and Playing Style

Understanding a team’s playing style and tactics may not be for everyone, but for people who understand much about offense and defense, it will help them make an accurate decision about which team to wager on.

For example, if you know a team by their current coach, you will understand the team’s playing style and tactics. Some coaches are known for defending, and that tells a huge story about how the team plays.

It may be difficult to get a goal against those kinds of teams. So it is always advised to use a win or draw option on this kind of team, or better yet, you may give their opponent under 1.5, meaning the opponent won’t score two goals against the defensive team.

Keep an Eye on Injuries and Suspensions

One of the factors that mostly affects match outcomes is a lack of research. Researching player injury status and players who are on suspension is very key because one of the team’s key players may likely miss a match due to injury, health, or red card suspension, and this may cost the team the chance to be victorious.

Consider the Motivation of the Teams

In some tournaments, there is massive pressure on teams. For instance, in the Premier League, especially when it is leading up to the end of the season, the clubs placed from numbers 1 – 7 on the league table are in a fight for different things.

Some of the clubs will be fighting for the trophy, while some are fighting to make it to the Top-4 list of UEFA Champions League Qualifiers, and others are fighting to make it to the Europa League. This whole achievement is motivation for most teams, as they are all being careful not to lose but to win.

Consider the Weather Conditions

Weather conditions may affect some teams in certain types of tournaments. Some players are used to cold weather, and when they happen to play in hot weather, they find it hard to thrive and win as the weather is too harsh for them to play.

Too hot weather conditions may result in quick exhaustion for players who are not used to it while the other team, who are familiar with the weather conditions becomes unstoppable.

Beware of the Importance of the Match

Some matches require carefulness and close attention. In tournaments like qualifiers, it could be a quarter-final, semi-final, or cup final. It may even be a rivalry war.

Likes El Classico between Real Madrid and Barcelona, the Derby match between Manchester United and Manchester City, and others. These types of events are usually fire.

Consider the Referee

It is important to consider the referee who will be officiating a soccer event. Some referees are known for being strict with certain fouls and may stretch cards without giving warnings.

Consider the Market

Setting greed aside and avoiding being overconfident on football teams is the key to success. It is important to be confident in yourself as you make your picks, but avoid being too confident about a football team without doing research. Even the most unbelievable things do happen, so one has to be very careful when choosing a market.

It is also advised to analyze the odds before hitting the stake button. Selected odds are not always the best in the market, you may consider something better for increased winning possibility. You may consider some favoring bet options like 1x, x2, win either half, and so on.

Follow a Professional Punter

You as a bettor may also do yourself some favor by following a well-known pro sports punter. Some punters are the real OGs in sports betting, and they have already spent years in the betting industry, making them know the best odds to choose.

Following their social media page and editing their picks may also give you a higher chance of winning.

Get a Mentor

Some punters have open arms to accommodate other bettors. Having moments with them may open you to greater opportunities with them. You may have the chance to brainstorm bet picks with them and likely make a massive return by betting with the collective knowledge of the professionals.

Monitor Social Media and News Sources

The best way to keep up with football news updates is by following football social media and news sources like Sky Sports, ESPN, and many other sports channels. This keeps you on top of what is going on in the football world. And stay updated with injury updates, new signings, players on suspension, and so on.



Making better forecasts about the results of football games is possible by exploiting the tips given. It is important to also keep in mind that there are contingencies in football and all other sports events. Even the most accurate predictions may end up placing us in a wonderland and leaving us wondering how it happened.

So always prepare your mind for the worst along with the better outcome that is expected, as this will eradicate some emotional feelings. Sports betting should be seen as a way of trying luck and having fun, not necessarily a way of living.

We at Betensureed advise not to bet on valuable items or properties but only on what one can afford to lose. Bet responsibly, and not for individuals under age 18!


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