5 Best Football Betting Tips Today

You can be a football fan in many ways. Someone plays in the local team on the weekends, someone likes to sit in front of the TV with friends and cheer for your favorite team. Some are waiting all year to watch the Super cup. And some try to combine the useful with the pleasant and bet on football.

Thanks to technology, betting has become much easier. Now you can do it anywhere you have a phone and internet access. For old-school fans, there is always the option of going to a sports bar with friends and selecting the football betting odds there and probably win money, but we will focus on the technological option. Let’s guide you through the popular and best ways to place wagers and help understand them. Football betting explained tour begins here.

Choose the Right Football Betting Sites

Having access to the Internet is not difficult to find a site where you can bet on football. You just need to make sure that in the area where you live sports betting is not regulated by special laws. For example, if you live in Dublin, just visit online casino Ireland to pick the best option for your wagering. Or try other themed gambling games out there, as online casinos are always universal. Take advantage of the fact that you have a choice and check if the casino gives a bonus code or includes other nice features. Another reason to pick a particular service may be the presence of a mobile app. This is a lot better than going to the site.

Decide How Much to Bet

Gambling is linked to finances. And so that the game does not turn into a disaster, it is better to control how much you bet. The rule of thumb, in this case, is not to bet as much as you would be uncomfortable losing. Believe us, such a rule can be found in many . To minimize the chances of losing, break your bank into equal parts, for example, divide $100 into 10 parts. This will ensure you are less likely to lose the entire amount of the bank in a bad set. Small individual bets on the other hand give a chance to win $100 and something on top.

Also, be patient and control your passion with the football betting sites. Depending on your success rate, you may want to pause instead of impulsively hunting for winnings.

Begin with the Most Intuitive Types of Bets

The Over-Under is the simplest type of wager for newcomers. You need to guess what total number of points the two teams will score based on the results of the match. From the description, it is clear why this bet is sometimes called Total.

Here is an example for a better understanding of mechanics. Today the Saints and Giants are playing. The bookmaker predicts that together they will score 51 points. Next, players wager on whether the result will be higher or lower than the stated number. Of course, whoever guessed won.

Some additional information about this type of bet. If the player guesses the total points scored correctly – his bet is called push and the money goes back. If the bookmaker sees that more money wagered on the over – the projected number increases to encourage people to bet on the under and equalize the ratio.

The projected outcome is determined based on various data and is not just a random sum. Skillful bettors analyze the strengths and weaknesses of rivals, understand their style, and predict results. They also pay attention to the weather, and the position of the teams in the league and thus increase their chances of winning.

Try Favorite and Underdog

Another easy thing to bet on is football. If in the previous case you were interested in the overall score of the match, now the bettor must decide who he is betting on.

You can do this in two ways: First – moneylines – just pick who you think will win Second – point spread – which is a bet on the margin of victory. We will explain the second option in more detail.

If you pick Favorite, the example may look like this GIANTS (-5) over Saints. This means that the Giants to win must outplay the Saints by 5 points or more. To clarify, the result of the match should be for example Giants scores 28 – Saints 22 and subtracting 5 from 28 we get a result of 23 against 22. The Giants are the winner.

An example for Underdog is as follows. Saints (+5) over GIANTS. This means that the first gets a head start of 4 points. Then the calculations are performed by the same logic of point spread.

If all these bets seem difficult to you, then you can consider an alternative. For example, many best payout casino websites offer a variety of football-themed games. This will allow you to have a good chance to get a good payout and not deviate from the topic of football. A great option for all gamblers.

Match Bets in Football

Football is one of the most popular sports to follow. You probably find football the beautiful game it is, so why not enjoy it in a relaxing way and not worry too much for the outcome.

Therefore, this approach has only three options – the home team to win, the away team to win, or a draw. No need to worry about other details and you can appreciate the game with your favorite players. Yes, there is one detail, the final numbers are fixed after 90 minutes, further playtime, and its results are not taken into account. By the way, player props are the exact opposite of experience.


Betting on football is a very rewarding thing. In any case, all participants get their share of pleasure. Yes, someone has to lose, but we know that the main thing in sports is participation.

These days all the conditions are created to turn sporting events into the most comfortable way to spend time after work or on a long weekend. You can place a bet and watch live broadcasts of football matches right from the couch. And the choice of sites and ways to bet allows everyone to win. The most important thing here is to play responsibly and with pleasure.


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