How Do I Place a Bet on Cheltenham Gold Cup?

The Cheltenham Festival is due to start on Tuesday, March 15th and anyone interested in betting should be just about ready to place them. Being the richest non-handicap steeplechase race in the UK, millions of pounds will be staked on the race’s results.

If you are new to the game though, then you may need some guidance so as to not waste money on bad bets, especially since we are discussing the Cheltenham Gold Cup in particular. Although there is more than one just one way to bet on the Gold Cup, it’s how you approach it that will tip the odds in or against your favour. Stay with us as we guide you through the steps.

Date and Time: Find the Right Time Zone

Mark the date and time of the Cheltenham Gold Cup on your calendar, as detailed below:
Date: Friday, 18th March, 2022 – Day 4 at the Cheltenham Gold Cup Festival.
Time: 3:30 pm (15:30) in accordance with the Greenwich Mean Time.

Keep in mind that both the time and the date mentioned here is in accordance with Greenwich Mean Time (UTC + 0), as it is uniformly followed across the entire United Kingdom, barring territories and dependencies. If you live outside the UK, then you will have to match the date and the time with your own time zone.

What it means is that the Cheltenham Gold Cup will start at 1:30 am (01:30) on March 19th for those watching the race in Sydney or Melbourne (UTC+10). Use this little web tool to make the calculations super easy if you will be outside the UK at the time.

Get to Know the Favourites to Win this Year

To be able to bet well, you will need to know who the favourites are for winning this year’s Cheltenham Gold Cup, as well as the odds on each horse. GG is extending their free bet offers for new and existing customers in celebration of the Cheltenham Festival, so make the best possible use of the following information with their offers.

A Plus Tard: 7/2 – Bet365, 3/1 – William Hill, 3/1 – Betfred.

Galvin: 9/2 – Bet365, 4/1 – William Hill, 9/2 – Betfred.

Minella Indo: 8/1 – Bet365, 7/1 – William Hill, 7/1 – Betfred,

Al Boum Photo: 10/1 – Bet365, 10/1 – William Hill, 10/1 – Betfred.

Protektorat: 11/1 – Bet365, 8/1 – William Hill, 8/1 – Betfred.

Upsets are uncommon at the Cheltenham Gold Cup, but they do sometimes happen. So, do a bit of research on your own as well, stay updated with the latest info, and place informed bets.

If you are reading this post, then you likely know how to read odds already. Just in case you don’t, it takes about five minutes to understand the fractions. To explain, let’s consider William Hill’s 3/1 odds on the French-born, Irish-trained A Plus Tard for the Cheltenham Gold Cup 2022. It means that winning bets will see the betting party win 3 units for each (1) unit staked. The 3/1 odds represent a ratio of 3:1 and the “unit” is the minimum bet value, as set by the bookie. If the minimum bet value is set at £1.50 and the odds are 3/1 on a horse, then you will win £4.50 per £1.50 staked, provided it turns out to be a winning bet.

App or Site: Preferred Medium?

For the best experience and to get wider access to all offers from top bookies in UK, place your bets on websites. Not that you can’t do so from mobile apps, but there are mainly two issues here. Firstly, some of the top betting sites in UK don’t have a dedicated app for smartphones. Therefore, if you are only looking to bet via apps, you will have a limited set of options.

Secondly, it’s always the main website that is updated with new info first because only then can their representative applications receive it from the servers. Finally, any decent sports betting site in 2022 should be perfectly compatible with smartphone browsers. In other words, you can bet from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop, but you don’t need a dedicated app for that.


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