Who Will Win The Champions League This Season?

This year is excellent for football fans. While there were a few postponed matches, things have finally returned to normal in the world of football, giving fans and Betway sports betting users the opportunity to enjoy the games as they were supposed to.
This year is also great for football fans because of the high-profile games they will have the opportunity to enjoy. The African Cup of Nations has recently ended, and the Champions League has returned, completing the numerous national leagues of the first half of the year. And in the second half, there will be another edition of the FIFA World Cup with the best of the world’s footballers gathered on the turf.
Before we get ahead of ourselves with speculating on the best football nation of the globe, let’s take a look at an event that is closer in time: the UEFA Champions League final. Let’s see which club currently has the best chance to play it – and emerge victoriously?

Current standings

At this point in the competition, some of the “weaker” teams have already been eliminated – and we are in the process of losing more of them in the next couple of months. There are 16 clubs still in play at the beginning of the Round of 16. These are not all created equal, even though they did win (or finish in the runner-up position) their respective groups.
As you might expect, England has a strong presence in this stage of the tournament, with Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United still in play. France is represented by PSG (who else) and Lille, Spain by Villareal, Real Madrid and Atlético, Portugal by Benfica and Sporting Lisbon, Italy by Juventus and Inter, Germany by Bayern, Austria by RB Salzburg, and the Netherlands by Ajax.
Two days into the Round of 16, it’s a bit early to predict anything – but we already have the first indication of a possible knockout after Sporting received a serious beating from Man City.

Favourites and underdogs

There are quite a few football powerhouses in the Round of 16, which makes it hard to predict which one of them could be a winner.
On the one hand, we have Manchester City, dominating the Premier League ahead of some of the best clubs in Europe. On the other, we have Bayern Munich, a team that has effectively ploughed through its opponents in the Champions League group stage, winning all its matches and scoring more than 20 goals. But there is also Liverpool that shows an amazing form in the Premier League, and PSG that has players with considerable star power and a lust for taking the trophy home.
At the same time, we have teams like Ajax, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Atlético, all of them incredibly strong and capable, still doing their best to achieve every victory they can. And let’s not forget Inter, Juve, Salzburg, and the other teams that lead in their respective national leagues.
The only underdog at this stage is Sporting, after the beating it received from Man City – it’s unlikely that it will be able to recover from such a goal difference.

So, who will win?

The best answer at this point is “nobody can predict”. Last year, Chelsea beat Man City against all odds, taking the trophy home for the second time in its history – that was pretty unexpected for most. So, we’d rather not speculate. But if you insist, it’s probably either Man City or Bayern.
Or maybe not… we’ll see.


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