How to Bet on Cyber Football: The Main Strategies and Tips

Cyber football appeared not so long ago. The term refers to a computer simulation of football matches. Today you can find this discipline on a popular sports betting site. Here is how to start betting on this discipline and avoid money risks.

Betting on FIFA

FIFA is the most popular football simulation game in the world from major computer game developer Electronic Arts. Given that Electronic Arts releases a new part of FIFA annually, bookmakers began to actively use this type of betting in virtual football, attracting fans of the game to bet for real money.

To understand all the features of FIFA, go to the appropriate section on the bookmaker’s website and watch 1-2 matches from this section.

Betting Strategy: How to Bet on Cyber Football?

Most cyber football players believe that there is no specific strategy that allows you to make a profit on such bets. After all, no one canceled the element of chance. In this respect, cyber sports betting is similar to slot machines. On the other hand, experienced players analyze the statistics and find some regularities. Someone bets live (during the match), others use only regular odds before the game.

Despite the assertion of the creators of virtual football software that no one can influence the simulator, not every player believes it. Such players believe that the bookmaker can distort events to his advantage, so as not to lose money. In practice, this can be seen as follows: after a lot of bets are made on one team, the other team begins to win. That is, to win we only need to follow the movements of the odds.

As a separate sport cyber football has its own secrets and peculiarities.

Considering that the software of different bookmakers differs, you should choose one bookmaker and bet only with him. Of course, it’s necessary to get acquainted with the rules of cyber football beforehand. It’s important to know the duration of the match, the minimum and maximum bet sizes, etc.

Remember that virtual players have no injuries, fatigue, and motivation is always high. In other words, you need to realize that they are controlled by a program that gives each player and team a set of certain properties that are only visible at a distance. The program randomly gives out different variations of the game, but at the distance each team will show its own characteristics.

How to Win by Betting?

It’s necessary to be able to analyze not only the game of each team, but also the personal skills of each player or at least the key players. After all, it is the individual play of a certain player that can dramatically change the course of the game.

Remember the math. It’s necessary not only to count quickly but also to understand the essence of probability theory.

Correctly use virtual football betting strategies from the web. Do not blindly repeat them, but understand the essence and change them to your own vision. This requires experience.


Cyber football allows the player to both make money quickly on bets and lose. Learn to apply math and analysis to virtual football – this will help you make a profit on this type of betting.


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