The Giant Great Strahov Stadium

Many sports venues are really huge. For example, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Rungrado 1st of May stadium are some of the biggest facilities of their kind in the world. However, they pale in comparison to a venue located in the Czech Republic, which is the Great Strahov Stadium. This stadium hosts events from different sports, and you can visit to wager on any of them.

This venue has some impressive dimensions. Its main field measures 310.5 by 202.5 meters. This would fit nine standard football fields inside. While the Great Strahov Stadium has hosted lots of sports, it was built with synchronized gymnastics in mind. Those who imagined and designed the stadium thought about it as a facility that could have tens of thousands of people making synchronized movements. The 1xBet website offers a great portfolio of sports betting options, with matches taking place at many stadiums in the world.

Construction and history

The first stadium built in the place where the Great Strahov Stadium currently stands was built in 1926. It quickly evolved by replacing the old wooden stands for others made of concrete. When seeing how to download 1xBet application, you will be able to wager on all the sports that the facility has hosted at some moment, which include:

⦁ motor sports;
⦁ football;
⦁ gymnastics;
⦁ American football.

Rhythmic gymnastics events were among the most impressive that have been ever hosted at this facility, where thousands of athletes performed simultaneously.

The numbers of the Great Strahov Stadium are also impressive. Its seated audience limit is 56 thousand, whereas it also holds 250 thousand standing spectators. No less impressive is the simplicity of the process of how to download the official 1xBet application, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

A giant training center

For many years, the Great Strahov Stadium has no longer been used for competitive sports. However, Sparta Prague uses it as its official training ground. This team is also available to wager on, which also features all other teams from Czech football.

During recent years, the venue has hosted many concerts, with attendances that have easily surpassed the 100 thousand mark. Also, some people have proposed that it could be a perfect facility for a possible Olympic bid. If Prague is one day selected as the host of the Olympic games, this place should be used. All the sports that are featured in the Olympics are available at 1xBet, which has a very intuitive platform and it offers many betting options.


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