VIP-IBC provides the complete package for online betting

In the betting world, a platform is a place where the prices from multiple bookmakers are gathered up, sorted out, and then presented in a coherent way that facilitates the quick comparison and the immediate placement of bets in many betting establishments at the same time. To do that, it is necessary to implement the best betting algorithms and have a list of the best Asian and European bookmakers that cooperate with the venture, reliable tips provided by a team of professional tipsters and a set of supporting services that amount for the top class of the industry.

VIP-IBC is the licensed sports betting software that fulfills all these pre-requisites while offering the truly immersive and comprehensive betting experience that most punters are looking for. The endeavor was created under the premise of providing advantages, speed, comfort and the chance for the greatest possible returns from the betting strategies of each bettor. Let’s discuss on the total of the services provided.

Basic elements

The important aspect is the platform itself. Every price and market is provided side by side, making it easy to see which one is the best of the lot. All it takes to make a selection is to point and click. Then, through the preconfigured options, the underlying software sends the bets to all or any number of bookmakers simultaneously. This part covers amply the comfort and speed parts.

The advantageous part is covered through the highest possible limits and the best possible odds. The presence of many bookies and the increased number of punters increases the numbers upon which the determination of the maximum acceptable amounts and offers is determined. Consequently, the claim for the greatest chance for profits is also covered, since there is a larger base to derive them from. And this is the pedestal to use for the implementation of a betting strategy that works.

The set of supporting services prerequisite comes by the availability of the site in 31 languages and a team of professionals that can answer to any and all questions 24/7. Additionally, in terms of deposit and withdrawals, transactions are process as soon as possible and the payment methods include several types of e-wallets, bank transfers and cryptocurrencies.

What about the tips?

It is important, especially for the newcomers in the industry, to receive advice on wagers that present the greatest value. For VIP-IBC, these are placed at the best possible position: right in the home page.  That way, they are immediately available for all.

To break it down now, here is the sequence of events:

  1. Open an account at the best betting platform
  2. Fund it through the payment methods that are available for you to use
  3. Review the tips
  4. Login to your account and compare the odds for the tips you have reviewed
  5. Set your preferences
  6. Point and click
  7. Sit back and watch the game
  8. Collet your winnings

The idea is to do things simply. The experience dictates that in order to make the most out of the betting industry it is not enough to register for an account at a bookmaker. More than one account is needed. And that is a problem for those who cannot devote themselves to what it takes to handle that many accounts. A problem that is resolved through the services of VIP-IBC.


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